Vision is the smart adhesive melter for high-quality adhesive application of thermoplastic hot melt adhesives. The innovative FlexPort and the advanced Smart Terminal combine energy-efficient design and new electronics into a smart melter for safe product gluing and cost-effective operation.

Vision Advantages – At a Glance

  • Achieves system availability of more than 99 % and ensures high process reliability
  • Low operating costs: industry-leading energy efficiency, optional quality control
  • FlexPort simplifies planning and installation in systems
  • Smart Terminal: Operating and status information available from a distance
  • Easy access to all maintenance-related components via a single door and thus reduced maintenance times
  • Vision offers superior protection against accidental contact during operation, maintenance, and commissioning

Smart Terminal: Operating and status information available from a distance

Colored LEDs on the status display indicate changes in the operating status or the current filling level in the adhesive melter. Even from a distance, the operating personnel can recognize whether the melter is working optimally and when adhesive needs to be refilled.

The 7-segment display indicates the current pump pressure and switches to the status code in the event of a malfunction. Using the current pump pressure display, the operating personnel can immediately draw conclusions about the reliable gluing of the products. Only if the pump pressure is correct, the correct adhesives quantity is delivered.

The status code makes it easier to recognize faults quickly. Basic functions can be switched on and off directly using four function keys: WLAN, timer, temperature lowering, pump.

Robatech Vision melter, intelligent display

FlexPort: Flexibility in System Planning and Adhesive Melter Replacement

Robatech Vision melter, FlexPort for flexible system planning

FlexPort is Vision’s fully insulated 45-degree connection area. Robatech’s heated hoses can be connected here at different angles. Vision can thus be positioned in a variety of ways and close to the application head. This shortens the required heated hose length.

Despite its high melting capacity, Vision requires little space and is therefore also suitable for the modernization of existing adhesive application systems. FlexPort and the variable mounting of the Touch Display enable longitudinal and transverse melter installation. Vision is compatible with heated hoses and application heads built by Robatech in 2000 and later.

With Sophisticated Insulation for Industry-leading Energy Efficiency

Vision achieves an outstanding energy balance. The innovative insulation around the melting tank effectively reduces heat radiation to the outside. Compared to Concept series melters, energy consumption is reduced by 25 percent.

Robatech Vision melter, insulation for maximum energy efficiency

Safely Glued Products and High Process Reliability

Vision achieves excellent application quality and works reliably:

  • The heating capacity is regulated quickly and precisely via two heating zones. The adhesive is gently melted and not overheated.
  • Thanks to the fast-switching piston pump, the pressure conditions are stable. The advantageous heat distribution between pump and glue distributor maintains the adhesive viscosity at a constant level. Both factors are crucial so that adhesive can be applied repeatedly and evenly to products.
  • With Vision, heated hoses and application heads remain in use longer. The sloping bottom in the melting tank causes impurities in the adhesive to sink into the collection area and not be delivered.
Robatech Vision melter, reliably glued products and maximum system availability

Protection of Personnel and Production

Vision can be fully integrated into the safety zone of production systems. In this case, the adhesive melter is operated remotely via WLAN or the host machine and automatically filled with granulate.

Protection against Accidental Contact and Automatic Filling System

Insulating covers and the automatic filling system protect the operating and maintenance personnel from burns.

  • CoolTouch protection against accidental contact at FlexPort
  • GreenCover at the tank opening
  • Safe filling with RobaFeed 3 granulate feeder and GlueFill granulate container
Robatech Vision melter, automatic filling systems

Sophisticated Design for Fast Maintenance

Maintenance-related downtimes should be as short as possible. For this reason, maintenance personnel at Vision has direct access to the maintenance-relevant components via a single maintenance door.

The otherwise time-consuming tank cleaning is effortless with Vision. The cleaning plug can be used to quickly and completely remove adhesive residues and impurities that have sunk into the collection area on the bottom of the tank.

Robatech Vision melter, direct access for fast maintenance

Straightforward System Integration and Operation

Vision is driven by the Robatech Control System (RCS).

  • RCS offers open interfaces and supports a variety of standardized Fieldbus protocols for straightforward system integration.
  • The gluing process can be easily configured, controlled, and operated via the standardized Robatech user interface. Via WLAN, Touch Display, or host system.
  • Integrated pattern control AS40 for programming application patterns for up to 8 channels. Settings for automatic length adjustment or fixed length, along with storage of format-specific application patterns.
  • All system components are pre-installed in Vision. The range of functions related to the gluing process can be expanded at any time via a software key.
  • Further information at: System integration, visualization, process control, system monitoring, component monitoring.

Functions Compatible with Vision to Reduce Operating Costs

The scope of functions of the application solutions can be easily extended - whether ex-works, after purchase, or as part of a retrofit. Activation is convenient via software key without installation effort.

For monitoring the adhesive consumption and adhesive application position


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