The Adhesive Measuring System AMS measures and monitors adhesive consumption to increase process reliability, production efficiency, and cost transparency.

The optional measuring system is available for the Concept Diamond, Concept Stream, and Vision melters. The AMS measures and monitors the amount of adhesive used and signals when the applied adhesive amount deviates from the defined tolerance range. There are two variants, each differing in the accuracy and response time of the measurement. Thus, a variant can be selected depending on system speed and quality requirements. One variant is equipped with a special KPC 12 AMS piston pump and measures the adhesive consumption via a pump stroke. The more accurate and faster measuring variant works with the AMS-V measuring cell attached to the adhesive distributor via the gear flow.



  • Process reliability by adhesive consumption monitoring
  • Reliably glued products by ensuring the minimum adhesive application amount
  • Reduced costs due to optimized adhesive amount and less product waste
  • Notification in the case of deviations from the defined tolerance range
  • Clear graphical representation and data export (CSV file) via USB or Ethernet interface
  • Optimized procurement and warehousing of adhesives based on consumption data analysis


By monitoring the amount of adhesive applied, the adhesive can be reduced to a minimum while still producing a reliably glued product. This increases process reliability and line efficiency. In addition, the reduction in the adhesive amount and product waste results in significant cost reductions. The message about the deviation from the tolerance range is displayed on the screen. In addition, further actions can be triggered via a corresponding output signal.

The InfoPlus software is used for graphical representation of the measured data. Evaluations regarding the amount of adhesive applied per product or over a specific period (minute, hour, day, or month) and the number of products produced are clearly displayed. The measured data can also indicate blockages of melter filters and application heads, or application nozzles. The evaluation can be used to optimize settings and processes, resulting in cost reductions or preventing unplanned downtimes.

Screenshot of the tolerance range of the AMS Adhesive Measuring System
Screenshot of the adhesive consumption of the AMS Adhesive Measuring System

Analyzes make it easy to compare individual production lines, to evaluate new adhesives and application patterns, and to determine information for procurement and spare parts inventory. The measured data also can be exported for further analyses via a USB interface on the melter or transmitted to a higher-level system via the data interface (Profibus, Ethernet, or real-time Ethernet).


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The scope of functions of the application solutions can be easily extended - whether ex-works, after purchase, or as part of a retrofit. Activation is convenient via software key without installation effort.

For efficient control and management of application lengths and application quantities for hotmelt and cold glue

For the acquisition and evaluation of system and measurement data

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