Adhesive application systems for vehicle assembly and component manufacturing, such as bodyshell, interior, insulation and upholstery.

The varieties of application in the automotive industry are almost as diverse as the technology itself. The adhesive bonding is increasingly replacing conventional techniques such as welding, rivets or screws. This not only increases safety, but also simplifies many processes and consequently increasing efficiency.
Robatech delivers powerful bonding and coating systems for automobile body and trim, such as mirrors, roof lining, insulation and heat mats, seat covers and front and rear lights.

Our safe, user friendly products increase production speeds for:

  • Insulation panels
  • Fasteners
  • Film coating
  • Profile coating
  • Floor insulation
  • Bonding modules

Our versatile adhesive systems offer precise control of single and multi-bead applications, spray, coating and variable glue patterns. Features include:

  • Energy efficient and easy-access range of adhesive melters.
  • Variable slot nozzle producing even films up to 2600mm wide.
  • Spray and coating heads. (intermittent and continuous)
  • Wide choice of pumps.
  • Integrated or external pattern control.
  • Easy to operate RobaVis touch screen, RobaPar software and InfoPlus diagnostics.

With Robatech as your partner, you will benefit from a global company that sets the standard for reliability, accuracy and efficiency within adhesive application systems and delivers outstanding customer service.