Robatech, in cooperation with W H. Leary, provides quality and reliable solutions for folding carton production. Absolute reliability, perfect quality, no mixed or defect products in the supply chain all at high speeds are todays requirements. Thanks to the years of experience of the two companies, perfectly matched hot melt, cold glue and quality assurance solutions can be offered to achieve this. A true added value for carton producers having everything handled from one single source.

Enhancing Efficiency and Precision

For the folding carton production, highest reliability and quality are extremely important. This requires that all aspects of the produced boxes are exactly right. Hence, shape, size, design, coding, etc. All information of and on the box must be absolutely correct. The folding carton production also requires a quick, clean and efficient, functional bonding.

At high machine speed - and with increasing levels of automation - it is often difficult and sometimes impossible to verify product quality at the key points in the production line and avoiding mixed products in the supply chain. This is where our solutions come in: Inspection options and configurations are virtually unlimited. The quality assurance systems help customers to guarantee product quality while increasing efficiency and profit.


Working together for a stronger bond

Robatech, together with Leary, offers a complete range of adhesive systems for glue application in the carton industry. Maximum precision with less waste and increased plant performance: High-performance cold glue valves - such as Quantum guns – for a fast, precise and flexible water-based adhesive application, reducing cleaning time and simplifying retrofitting. In addition, they are optimally suited for special applications with extremely complex bonding patterns at high speeds. They offer the flexibility to realize a precise cold glue application for gluing the cartons even in the tightest of spaces.

We offer the only fully integrated and interactive systems for adhesive application control, glue detection, quality inspection and quality assurance. These ensure that only high-quality and the correct boxes are delivered to customers.

Technologies like “Carton Serialization”, “Pharma Code Reader” and “Laser Barcode Reader” are meant to track and trace products within the supply chain and are protecting customers form sending mixed products to their customers. With “Full Carton Print inspection” even the smallest print defects are detected ensuring the quality is perfect.

Within the production the cartons can be enhanced with hot melt application of Robatech for several purposes, like small dots with the SpeedStar for attaching an inlay in or at the box. Or the Slot Coating technology, which applies pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive (PSA) in a thin coating with the FK IT application head. This is perfect for e-commerce packaging.

Finally, the Leary Array Central Control System tracks all cartons and uses the inspection, detection and quality assurance information in the production line to either deliver or securely reject the carton, if something is incorrect, automatically.

This way our combined system increases production reliability and speed and reduces waste at the same time. The expandable systems are designed to grow with customers as their needs change.


Advantages at a glance

Precise, high performance at fast machine speeds
Maximum flexibility in tight spaces
Reduced cleaning times and simplified retrofitting
Increased production safety
Guaranteed product quality
Increased system performance
Positive cost balance


 Customer Case/ Application Benefit in real-life applications
Weber Verpackungen, Menziken AG, Switzerland Folding carton
  • complete quality control
  • guaranteed product quality
  • increased plant efficiency
  • highest customer satisfaction
  • positive cost balance
  • Increased carton output quality
  • Retrofit of an existing folding carton machine
  • Secure and quick ejection of incorrect carton
TDrukkerij De Vries, Sneek, the Netherlands Folding carton  

Components of the Robatech folding carton solutions


Concept Series


SpeedStar Compact


Heated hoses


Leary folding carton