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RobaFeed 3 – Granulate Feeder for Automatic Melter Filling

Granulate feeder RobaFeed 3 is an integral part of Robatech’s automatic filling system and is used in combination with granulate container GlueFill. The filling system ensures safe and efficient melter filling with adhesive in granular form.

The RobaFeed 3 is the melter interface for filling and detects, when granulate must be refilled. The granulate feeder consists of a filling tube and air filter on the tank lid of the melter. As additional safety measure, an optional lock prevents tank opening by untrained personnel. The filling tube is connected to the granulate container GlueFill using a transport hose. Filling level monitoring of the adhesive tank controls the system and starts automatic filling. The RobaFeed 3 can be used on all Concept devices as well as on the JumboFlex.

Familiarize yourself with the detailed operating principle of automatic filling.

RobaFeed 3 Advantages – At a Glance
  • Safe filling without risk of burns
  • Increased line efficiency through maximum system availability
  • Constant adhesive temperatures as closed system
  • Tank lid allows easy maintenance access
  • Tank lid can be optionally secured using a padlock
Technical data:
Adhesive typeGranulate and pastilles
Granulate size Max. Ø 12 mm
Pastille size 12 x 12 mm
Feed capacity* 4 kg per minute
Feed distancesHorizontal max. 7.5 m, vertical max. 2.5 m
Electrical connection Robatech systems: 24 Volt DC from the system
* Function and feed capacity depend on quality, size, shape, and stickiness of the adhesive
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