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Robust Hoses for Safe Adhesive Application

Using Robatech’s robust hoses, the adhesive is delivered to the application head under optimum conditions. In this way, the adhesive application functions smoothly, and products are glued safely.
Heated Hoses for Hot Melt Adhesives

Heated hoses are used for melted thermoplastic adhesives (EVA, PSA, PO) or reactive adhesives (PUR).

They maintain the hot melt adhesive at a consistent temperature over the hose’s entire length – from the adhesive melter to the application head. For good gluing results the quality of the heated hose is essential. Only if local overheating in the heated hose or thermal bridges at the hose ends are avoided, the desired adhesive viscosity can be maintained on the way to the application head. This is a precondition for an application head to be able to apply a sufficient amount of adhesive to products, at the right location, and with repeated reliability.

Robatech manufactures heated hoses with great care and high-quality materials using a special winding process. Hoses made by Robatech are flexible and durable. They are suitable for use in static applications or with a drag chain. Three connection angles (0°, 45°, 90°) are available for the optimal connection to the adhesive melter and application head.

Beheizte Schläuche für Schmelzklebstoffe
Hoses for Cold Glue

Dispersion adhesives can be delivered in cold glue hoses from a cold glue delivery unit to the application head. Robatech hoses for cold glue can easily cope with long delivery distances.

Schläuche für Kaltleim
Schläuche für Kaltleim Hochdruck
Hose Portfolio for Hot Melt Adhesive and Cold Glue


Heated hose for high-precision applications

  • Viscosities: 100 to 20,000 mPas
  • Energy-efficient
  • PrimeConnect for quick installation
  • Durable


Heated hose for small to large application quantities

  • Various nominal diameters
  • Connection via screw connection
  • Favorable price/performance ratio
  • Viscosities: 100 to 100,000 mPas
Cold glue hoses

Cold glue hoses

  • Pipelines up to 100 bar
  • Optimum adhesive flow
  • Suitable for connecting a piston pump
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