Robatech Control System (RCS) – control platform for adhesive melters

Graphic overview of the system components of the Robatech Control System (RCS)
The Robatech Control System is a control platform integrated into the melter that makes industrial gluing processes more efficient and transparent. The all-in-one platform not only facilitates the operation and control of the adhesive application but also simplifies seamless integration with third-party systems.

Better connectivity and more efficiency in the gluing process

The Robatech Control System (RCS) offers improved connectivity for machine builders and clear I/O interfaces for users. All system components for the gluing process are already integrated. The range of functions related to the adhesive application can be quickly and easily expanded at any time. For example, quality control functions offer maximum process reliability and more line efficiency.


System integration

A variety of communication options simplifies the integration in host machines.


  • Fast connection thanks to standardized Fieldbus systems
  • Open interfaces and software components for direct actuation of the systems
  • Optimally matched hardware and software components from a single source


A standardized user interface facilitates access to all functionalities from the location of your choice.

  • Straightforward and intuitive operation with a uniform look and feel
  • Remote access via mobile devices or access via local touchscreen
  • User interface can be integrated into host machine
  • Graphical visualization of functions, events, protocols, and evaluations
  • Easy activation of additional functions via software key

Process control


An integrated control ensures a precise and reliable adhesive application.


  • Process control integrated into melter, into host machine, or as stand-alone operating unit
  • Definition of application lengths overall or individually per application head
  • Definition of application quantities
  • Fast format change thanks to job database

System monitoring

Meaningful data provides the necessary transparency for corrective and optimizing adjustments.

  • Consumption and operating data analysis
  • Fast error detection in the gluing process
  • Trend analyzes as a basis for process optimizations
  • Evaluation of the adhesive consumption

Quality control

Maximum process reliability and line efficiency through control and compliance with quality requirements.

  • Measuring systems and sensors for collecting relevant data
  • Monitoring of the adhesive consumption within a defined tolerance range
  • Verification of the adhesive application position
  • Alarm features for monitoring options
  • Straightforward connection to third-party quality assurance systems

Component monitoring

Avoiding unscheduled downtimes and increased efficiency with reliable information about critical components.

  • Simplified planning of preventive maintenance tasks in the production line
  • Avoiding unscheduled downtimes
  • Switching cycle counter for application heads