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Enduro – Heated Hose for Small to Large Adhesive Application Quantities

Enduro is the ideal heated hose for adhesive application solutions that require a high delivery volume, such as mattresses, car components, secondary packaging, furniture, or wooden structures. The heated hose is particularly suitable for high-viscosity thermoplastic adhesives (EVA, PSA, PO) and reactive adhesives (PUR).

Enduro Advantages – At a Glance
  • Ideal for large application quantities
  • Favorable price/performance ratio
  • Great flexibility in the application range
  • Various nominal diameters available
  • Use in static and dynamic applications Especially suitable for high-viscosity adhesives
The Classic with a Wide Range of Applications

Enduro is the classic heated hose with a standard screw connection that can be used in various adhesive application solutions. Particularly large nominal diameters are available for surface application and high delivery volumes. Enduro features a flexible inner core and is therefore also suitable for dynamic applications, e.g., with hand applicator, moving application heads, or drag chains.

Heated Hose for Wet and Dry Area

Both the application area and hygiene regulations determine which of the two Enduro variants is best used in the gluing process:

  • Enduro with green protective mesh. The outer cover is abrasion-resistant, temperature-stable up to 160 °C, and complies with protection class IP44. Suitable for adhesive application in dry areas.
  • Enduro with washable, smooth protective sleeve for wet operation, e.g., in the food or beverage industry. Abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. Complies with protection class IP55.
Enduro Box
Enduro Box
Protection against Accidental Contact through ConnectorCover
The screw connections at the heated hose ends can be completely covered with a ConnectorCover. This protects personnel from burns in the event of accidental contact.
Connector covers
Accessories for the Enduro Heated Hose


The hose holder protects heated hoses routed in parallel from overheating. Bundles electrical cables and pneumatic hoses.
Swivel connector for Enduro

Swivel connector for Enduro

The torsion protection ensures the maximum service life of the heated hoses.
Enduro – Technical Data
Operating temperature 20 to 200 °C *
Adhesive pressure Max. 100 bar
Adhesive Thermoplastic and reactive hot melt adhesives
Adhesive viscosity Up to 100,000 mPas
Nominal diameter NW6, 8, 13, 16, 25
Hose length 0.6 to 12 m
Heated hose connection Screw thread, different sizes
Supply voltage 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Option: 200 VAC (NW6)
Degree of protection Dry area IP44, wet area IP55

*Depending on type and length, the maximum adhesive temperature of 200 °C may not be reached due to limited heating capacity.

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