The RobaDrum 20 is a compact drumunloader for processing thermoplastic and reactive hot-melt adhesives as well as sealants from 20-liter steel drums. The modular design allows easy adaptation to a wide range of production requirements. The RobaDrum 20 is easy and safe to operate as well as efficient to maintain.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Flexible adaptation to production requirements thanks to the modular design
  • Straightforward system integration of the RobaDrum 20 (Industry 4.0 ready)
  • Efficient and gentle melting thanks to innovative Melt-on-Demand technology
  • Little adhesive residue saves costs and protects the environment
  • Easy operation via touch screen with a graphical user interface
  • High operator safety
  • Little cleaning effort thanks to melting plates with robust FEP coating

Efficient Adhesive Processing thanks to Melt-on-Demand Technology

The pneumatically operated drumunloader processes low- and medium-viscosity materials with Melt-on-Demand technology. The top layer of the adhesive in the drum is melted only. This gentle and efficient adhesive load processing reduces the thermal load on the adhesive. The adhesive properties of the remaining adhesive are retained. The RobaDrum 20 is available with three different melting plates and four different gear pumps. It can be flexibly adapted to different production requirements. Depending on the required melting capacity and the thermal conductivity of the adhesive, a melting plate with a flat or ribbed surface is selected. The advantageous melting plate design ensures little adhesive residue. The robust FEP coating of the melting plates reduces the cleaning effort to a minimum.

High Operator Safety

A pneumatic lifting cylinder raises and lowers the melting plate. To increase operator safety, the melting plate can only be moved using a two-hand controlAutomatic ventilation of the drum prevents vacuum formation when raising the melting plate. Manual venting prevents overpressure when the melting plate moves into the drum.

Straightforward Operation using the Robatech Control System

The RobaDrum 20 is very easy to operate via the touchscreen with a graphical user interface. The integrated Robatech Control System (RCS) includes all system components for an efficient gluing process, such as system monitoring, process control, and quality control. The drumunloader can be easily integrated into a higher-level system via field bus systems (Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet, Sercos III) and open interfaces.


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