SpeedStar Compact is the application head for precise adhesive application at high production speeds. The electric jetting head applies millimeter-sized hot-melt dots and short beads to tiny flaps and small surfaces. The intelligent control electronics with automatic displacement control ensure consistent precision over the entire service life of 500 million operating cycles.

Advantages of SpeedStar Compact at a Glance

  • High-precision bead and dot application for small products and tiny surfaces
  • High production speeds with up to 800 dots per second
  • Consistent precision in adhesive application over 500 million operating cycles through automatic displacement control
  • CoolTouch insulation: reduces energy consumption and protects heat-sensitive products
  • Straightforward system integration via 24-VDC connection without a booster
  • Up to 50 % adhesive savings with stitching

Reliable Gluing at High Production Speed

Reliable gluing of small products is demanding. A single dot of adhesive must be placed precisely. Short beads with the exact length must be applied to the correct spot.

SpeedStar Compact achieves this high precision of the hot melt adhesive application through its fast opening and closing speed. The electric jetting head can precisely position tiny dots and small beads even at very high production speeds thanks to its switching frequency of 800 Hz.

Consistent precision over 500 million operating cycles

Two conditions must be met to repeatably apply small dots and beads of adhesive precisely at high production speeds:

  • Consistent adhesive temperature and consistent viscosity

However, even a few seconds of production stoppage or refilling with new hot melt adhesive causes fluctuations: The precision of the adhesive application decreases temporarily. Beads can be too short, dots too small. This can cause production rejects.

SpeedStar Compact does not have this problem. The automatic displacement control makes the adhesive application independent of changing operating conditions such as adhesive temperature, viscosity, and mechanical wear. The application quality remains consistently precise - automatically and over the entire service life of the application head.

Robatech SpeedStar Compact, precise adhesive application at high production speed

Automatic Displacement Control: a Gain in Time and Quality

The intelligent control electronics of SpeedStar Compact enable automatic displacement control. They regulate the precise adhesive application and compensate for fluctuations that could otherwise lead to production stoppages or rejects.

  • If the precision of the adhesive application decreases and the number of production rejects increases, you usually have two options to increase the application quality again: readjust the stroke manually or replace the application head before the end of its service life. Both solutions are time-consuming and expensive. With SpeedStar Compact, the precision of adhesive application remains consistent over the entire service life.

  • The stroke of the SpeedStar Compact is factory-calibrated. Therefore, an application head can be replaced quickly with a new one - without manual readjustment and lengthy start-up procedures. The automatic displacement control takes care of any fine-tuning independently.

  • If several application heads are arranged next to each other, the stroke of each individual head must be adjusted manually due to mutual heating to ensure precise adhesive application. With SpeedStar Compact, this is done by automatic displacement control.

  • Fast defect detection: the intelligent control electronics monitor the stroke electronically. If glue pressure is present, the control detects whether or not adhesive has been applied.

Straightforward system integration via 24-VDC connection

SpeedStar Compact features a detached electronics module with a 24-VDC standard interface. Complete system suppliers can use this interface to actuate the application head directly via PLC. The connection is quick and straightforward via direct wiring without additional devices, such as a booster.

The slim design also simplifies the mechanical installation of the application head in a system.

Robatech SpeedStar Compact with Enduro heated hose, easy system integration


Thanks to its fast closing times and 500 million operating cycles, the SpeedStar Compact can be used for hot-melt stitching: Dot application replaces bead application in this process. Compared to bead application, stitching can save up to 50 % of adhesive.

Robatech SpeedStar Compact, hot-melt stitching with 40 % less adhesive

Safe, Sustainable, and Reliable in Operation

The SpeedStar Compact heating block and jetting element are covered with CoolTouch insulation. CoolTouch reduces heat radiation and:

  • Protects heat-sensitive products, such as chocolate, from heat during the adhesive application,
  • Protects the operating personnel from burns in the event of unintentional contact,
  • Reduces energy consumption.

At 62 dB(A), SpeedStar Compact is one of the quiet application heads. Thanks to its protection class IP55, it can be washed down with water jets and is suitable for use in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The heating block’s integrated filter keeps the application nozzle free from adhesive contaminations and ensures problem-free adhesive discharge.

Robatech SpeedStar Compact, filter in the heating block for perfect adhesive discharge


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