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Optimum supplements for Robatech products for efficient, sustainable, and safe adhesive application.

The functional accessories support consumption- and energy-optimized adhesive application and increase operational safety. In addition, reliable monitoring systems ensure best results.



  • Efficient granulate delivery
  • Granulate container for RobaFeed 3
  • In three sizes

RobaFeed 3

  • Automatic filling system for melters with adhesive granulate
  • Compatible with Concept series and JumboFlex


  • Protection against contact for screw connections
  • Insulation for energy savings
  • For heated hoses NW 6 and 8
  • 0°, 45°, and 90° design


  • Hose mount for the protection of hot melt adhesive hoses against overheating
  • Cable and pneumatic hose routing
  • For heated hoses NW 6, 8, and 13

Infrarot Sensor

  • Monitoring sensor for hotmelt adhesive application
  • Contact-free monitoring of hot melt adhesive beads or dots
  • Response time ≥ 1 msec

iTac iT04

  • Monitoring sensor for cold glue application
  • Dot/bead application
  • Monitors glue presence, position, and quantity
  • Compatible with ECX 6 and ECX 30
  • High-speed detection: 1 mm at 650 m/min.

Material pressure regulator for cold glue systems

  • Provisions constant glue pressure at variable production speed
  • Operating range 0 to 6 or 0 to 25 bar

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