To meet the boom for pocket spring mattresses, it requires adhesive application systems that are flexibly adjusted to the machine speeds and the format of the pocket springs. Easy and fast format changes, as well as the AMS adhesive measuring system contribute to efficient and cost-optimized production. The precise and repeatable adhesive application ensures quality gluing at the highest level.

Pocket spring mattresses are trendy 

The mattress industry is growing rapidly, and especially the pocket spring mattress enjoys great popularity. The manufacturing of pocket spring units is a separate process and does not belong to the actual mattress production. Springs are pushed into individual separated fabric bags, which are interconnected. This results in strings of pocket springs, which are then cut to the desired length. After that, the strings of pocket springs are glued laterally using hot-melt adhesive application. Depending on the requirement, a fleece is glued on at the top and bottom. The lateral dot gluing permits mobility of the individual springs while the fleece gluing produces a support surface of high elasticity.


Flexible Manufacturing of Quality Pocket Spring Units

After cutting, the finished strings of pocket springs are glued in the middle laterally to a pocket spring unit using intermittent hot-melt-adhesive bead application. Unlike a continuous adhesive application, the intermittent application reduces costs significantly without compromising on quality. Depending on machine speed and pocket spring format, Robatech offers different application heads for maximum flexibility in production. Depending on the height of the pocket springs, the application head can be equipped with a different number of application nozzles or individual application nozzles can be flexibly switched on or off. With the help of angle nozzles, the exact application position can be adjusted easily and flexibly, depending on the format. The proven solution with two individually height-adjustable application heads is available for manufacturers offering pocket spring formats of different heights. If a cover fleece is additionally desired on the pocket spring unit, it is bonded to the top and bottom using continuous bead application. For this purpose, the outer angle nozzles are easily turned up or down using a wrench.

The application heads excel with precise and reproducible adhesive application. Their CoolTouch insulation reduces the risk of burns for the operating personnel. The application nozzles are supplied with adhesive by a small to large hot melt system – depending on the adhesive requirements. The AMS adhesive measuring system monitoring optimum adhesive consumption can be integrated as an option. The system enables gluing with a minimum application amount and thus saves costs.


Advantages at a Glance 

Flexibly adjustable application heads depending on production specifications
Increased productivity through a fast format change
Perfectly glued pocket spring units through precise and repeatable adhesive application
Optimized adhesive consumption and reduced costs using the AMS adhesive measuring system
Customer proximity through worldwide sales and service network


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