The jetting heads of the AX Diamond series are ideally suited for contact-free coating of low- to medium-viscosity hotmelt adhesives. Due to its robustness, the AX Diamond application head is ideally suited for harsh conditions while ensuring safe and high-quality adhesive application.
The insulated jetting heads are safe and energy-efficient. Thanks to their modular design, they are inexpensive and can be flexibly customized for the respective application. The robust hot melt adhesive application heads are suited for precise bead application. Although they were developed for applications such as wrap-around, box and tray resp. fruit tray, they are also used in different areas.

Advantages of the AX Diamond jetting heads – at a glance

  • Resistant thanks to robust design
  • Energy-efficient and safe thanks to CoolTouch insulation
  • Constant temperature for highest adhesive quality
  • No nozzle blockages thanks to integrated filter
  • 24 VDC – actuation via PLC
  • Easy format conversion for 90° nozzle

Robust, safe, and energy-efficient

The compact and robust design makes the AX Diamond very resilient, especially under harsh conditions. Thanks to the filter integrated in the heating block, nozzle blockage is prevented. Nozzle damage as well as heat loss are minimized through a nozzle guard. This results in even better tear-off and reduced operation interruptions.

The Diamond series increases operational safety with CoolTouch insulation. The jetting head insulation protects operators as well as products to be glued from heat. The heat-resistant insulation reduces energy consumption and ensures a constant adhesive temperature, even with a draft.

Robatech AX Diamond, robust, cost-optimized hot-melt application head

Integrated Filter

Easy integration thanks to modularity and compatibility

The AX Diamond can be easily integrated. If space is tight, the solenoid valve can also be mounted externally and actuated via remote control. Format conversions for 90° applications can be implemented quickly and easily using a wrench. As part of the Diamond series, the AX Diamond is compatible with most Robatech application systems. This simplifies integration into existing machines and reduces spare part costs.

Robatech AX Diamond, easy format changeover for 90-degree applications


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