Primarily packaged products are grouped and positioned in secondary packaging to be transported, stored, or presented on sales shelves. The variety of packaging materials and packaging machines is large. Robatech’s adhesive application systems can be used in a wide range of applications, also in on-demand packaging machines for e-commerce. They apply hot melt adhesives economically and still glue secondary packaging reliably.

Adhesive Application Systems in the Packaging Process 

Whether you collect and position primarily packaged products into secondary packaging via top-loading, vertical or horizontal cartoning, the adhesive process is essentially the same:

Thermoplastic adhesive is melted, delivered, and applied by application heads to side, bottom, or lid flaps of flat cardboard blanks, pre-folded cartons, or other packaging materials - from the bottom, top, or side. In terms of adhesive application, it does not make much difference, whether the secondary packaging is a wrap-around carton or a folding carton. What is important:

  • Every bead and every dot of adhesive must be applied repeatably and precisely to the right spot, with the right length and the correct amount.
  • The gluing must hold reliably so that the packaging and products survive transport undamaged.
  • The adhesive application must be neat, as secondary packaging, such a half or display cartons, multipacks, or trays usually end up directly on sales shelves.


Flexibility through Modularity. Which Adhesive Application System is Right for You?

An adhesive application system for gluing secondary packaging basically consists of a melter, heated hose, and application head. Robatech's systems resemble a modular kit, from which you can select the parts that add real value to your packaging machine or packaging process.

Are you focusing on reducing operating costs? 

Then, for example, these options can help you save on adhesive, energy, and maintenance costs:

Or do you, as a machine manufacturer, want to offer your customers different adhesive application systems that you can integrate easily and in a space-saving manner? 

We have a wide range of products available for you.

  • Select robust, affordable application heads with slow bead application for gluing transport cartons or multipacks.
  • Use electromechanical application heads for fast bead or dot application. They glue individually packaged products precisely and neatly.
  • Use multiple application heads if adhesive has to be applied to cartons in many spots. This keeps your system compact, because multiple application heads are supplied with adhesive via just one heated hose.
  • Combine the right system components for dry or wet operation.
  • Opt for system components that further increase the operational safety and degree of automation of your overall system.

References for Adhesive Application on Secondary Packaging


Transport multipack at Maestrani

  • Bead application to cardboard blank
  • Folding carton erector by SOMIC

Sales packaging at Kägi

  • Horizontal adhesive application to side flap
  • Folding carton erector by Kliklok

Fruit trays

  • Up to 50 % adhesive savings with stitching
  • 25 % increase in production
  • Tray erector by DMS

Wrap-around cartons

  • Hot melt adhesive application on carton flaps
  • Cartoning machine by Vervo

Cartons with an automatic bottom at Caffè IZZO

  • Bead application on lid flaps
  • IMACH final packaging machine

Adhesive Application Systems for Secondary Packaging - Advantages at a Glance

  • Reliable gluing thanks to precise adhesive application and reliable system components
  • Modular design of system components allows the flexible configuration of the ideal adhesive application system depending on the number of gluing points and speed
  • Robatech Control System for straightforward system integration, operation, and monitoring
  • Reduce operating costs through optional quality control: Reduce adhesive application quantity and/or monitor the adhesive application position
  • Relieve operating personnel, avoid unexpected downtimes, and increase personal protection through optional automatic filling system
  • CoolTouch insulation on application head, melter, and heated hose ensure energy efficiency and personal safety
  • Maximum system availability: Service hotline, local service experts around the globe, readily available spare parts


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Application Heads (Secondary Packaging) 


AX Diamond

  • Robust: suitable for harsh conditions
  • Thermoplastic adhesives (EVA, PSA, PO)
  • Single-acting electro-pneumatic
  • Switching frequency: 50 Hz
  • Adhesive discharge: 12.5 ms

SX Diamond

  • Precise application with clean cut-off
  • Thermoplastic adhesives (EVA, PSA, PO)
  • Double-acting electro-pneumatic
  • Switching frequency: 120 Hz
  • Adhesive discharge: 5.0 ms

SpeedStar Compact

  • Adhesive-saving hot-melt stitching
  • Thermoplastic adhesives (EVA, PSA, PO)
  • Electromechanical (airless)
  • Switching frequency: 800 Hz
  • Adhesive discharge: 0.5 ms

Melters (Secondary Packaging) 



  • Industry-leading energy efficiency
  • Thermoplastic adhesives (EVA, PSA, PO)
  • FlexPort for longitudinal and transverse installation
  • Smart Terminal: ease of use
  • Robatech Control System for straightforward system integration

Concept Stream (tankless)

  • Short heat-up time: Melt-on-Demand
  • Thermoplastic adhesives (EVA, PSA, PO)
  • Form of adhesive: Granulate
  • Tank volumes: 2.4 or 4.5 liters
  • Melting capacity: 9 or 15 kg/h

Concept Series

  • Robust, durable, and reliable
  • Thermoplastic adhesives (EVA, PSA, PO)
  • Form of adhesive: Granulate, blocks
  • Tank volumes: 5, 8, 12, 18, 30 liters
  • Melting capacity: 5, 8, 12, 18, 30 kg/h

Heated Hoses (Secondary Packaging) 



Heated hose for energy-efficient adhesive application


  • Viscosities: 100 to 100,000 mPas
  • Nominal diameter: 8 mm
  • Outer cover: smooth
  • Connection: PrimeConnect plug connection
  • Application: static to light movements


Heated hose for small to large application quantities


  • Viscosities: 100 to 100,000 mPas
  • Nominal diameters: 6 to 25 mm
  • Outer cover: Protective braid or smooth
  • Connection: Screw connection
  • Application: static to drag chain