The RobaPUR 35 MOD SpineCoat adhesive melter is specially designed for the melting and pumping of reactive polyurethane hotmelt adhesives.

The RobaPUR 35 MOD SpineCoat adhesive melter is designed to be used with the SpineCoat coating nozzle for book adhesive lines. The adhesive is pumped by a gear pump powered by a very dynamic servo drive. The technology assures accurate volume control along the entire length of the application.

  • Melt-on-Demand (MOD) technology for a protective adhesive processing
  • Active melt grill cooling
  • Active dry air preparation
  • Easy operation
  • Integrated application control and volume control
  • Adhesive viscosity: 1,000...12,000 mPas
  • Feed pump: Gear pump ZP 3 S


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