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For melting and delivery of thermoplastic or reactive hot melt adhesives

Cold glue delivery unit

Different cold glue delivery units and pumps for various applications


Selection of hot melt adhesive or cold glue hoses for the connection of system and application head

Jetting heads

For the application of hot melt adhesive or cold glue in dot or bead form

Spray heads

For spraying of hot melt adhesive as spray pattern or curly-shape

Coating heads

For surface coating with hot melt adhesive

Hand applicators

For manual hot melt adhesive application


For process optimization of hot melt and cold glue systems

System solutions

Solutions for efficient adhesive application in process-specific applications


Graphical operating panel or touchscreen with software for self-diagnostics and real-time communication


Easy integration into new and existing systems

Application control and monitoring for gluing technology

Flexible control environment for every gluing process

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