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JumboFlex – With Unique Premelting Solution for Increased Performance

JumboFlex, Robatech’s big unit family for melting and delivery of large volumes of thermoplastic, non-reactive hot melt adhesives (EVA, PE, PSA, and APAO). Can be flexibly used for high-performance melting applications with unique, individual premelting solution for optimum processing of different forms of adhesive.

JumboFlex melters feature a modular design and are available in different variants as premelter, melter, or buffer, depending on the area of application. Additionally, two different reservoir size are available: 50 dm3 or 100 dm3. The dimensions of the device are the same for all variants, facilitating planning and integration. Thanks to the modular design, the devices can be customized flexibly for the respective application, from simple pot filling, to adhesive metering in high-precision application nozzles, to the buffer function for particularly high adhesive consumption and increased speeds. The innovative melting concept is one of the highlights of the JumboFlex. The melting grille elements can be optimally aligned to the adhesive forms, such as granulates, cushions, or blocks. This specially designed premelting solution enables gentle adhesive processing and ensures increased melting performance. The JumboFlex can be used in a variety of applications and industries, wherever EVA, PSA, or APAO / PO hot melt adhesives are processed.

JumboFlex advantages – at a glance
  • Increased melting performance thanks to innovating melting grill concept with geometrical alignment of the melting grille elements
  • Adhesive forms from granular and cushion form to chips, to adhesive blocks of up to 7.5 kg can be processed optimally
  • Designed for adhesive viscosities of up to 65,000 mPas with maximum melting performance, and for high-viscosity adhesives up to 100,000 mPas with adjusted melting performance
  • Clean and uniform adhesive application from beginning to end thanks to fast, dynamic adhesive pressure regulation
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • JumboFlex melter / buffer with integrated pattern control
  • Simple and efficient maintenance thanks to fine filter and FEP coating
Optimum melting of different forms of adhesive

The distinguishing feature of the JumboFlex is its innovative and unique melting grille concept. It enables a geometrical alignment of the melting grille elements to adjust to the respective form of adhesive. This optimizes adhesive processing and achieves improved melting performance. The devices are designed for adhesive viscosities up to 65,000 mPas and can process high-viscosity adhesive with up to 100,000 mPas, once the melting performance is adjusted. The newly developed adhesive reservoir achieves shorter cycle times and ensures a very precise and homogeneous temperature distribution. This leads to a reduction in thermal stress of the adhesive and increases quality. The device can be filled manually or using an automatic granulate feeder (RobaFeed 3). Automatic filling improves efficiency, increases workplace safety, and prevents adhesive contaminations.

The melter generation that is “Industry 4.0 ready”
Thanks to the intelligent InfoPlus software, the devices are designed for Industry 4.0 and can be easily integrated into production machines. All required data can be communicated via Ethernet for processing to the machine control or into the production control center. These communication and monitoring functions enable predictive maintenance with preventive effect. Furthermore, thanks to integrated real-time Ethernet, JumboFlex melter and buffer systems can be directly integrated into the host machine control. This way, operation and actuation are possible directly from the host machine.
Easy and efficient maintenance
Depending on adhesive viscosity and industrial application, fine filters are used for JumboFlex melter and buffer device variants. They collect dirt particles before they enter the adhesive application device and thus prevent nozzle blockage and system interruptions. The devices can be equipped with FEP coating for easy and efficient cleaning. Thanks to good non-stick characteristics and high temperature resistance, the coating protects all components. A well cleaned device extends the service life and prevents costly downtime. Thanks to backward compatibility, spare parts of the previous Jumbo generation can be used for JumboFlex devices. Cost-saving upgrades are possible at any time.
Versatile application options
JumboFlex melters are suited for a variety of applications and industries. Examples are pot filling for book spine gluing, manual adhesive application, bead and dot application, e.g., for mattress production, and coating applications for full-area lamination coatings.
Technical Data
JumboFlex 50JumboFlex 100
Supply tank 50 dm3 100 dm3
Melt rate* 50 kg/h 100 kg/h
Adhesive viscosity ZP = 1'000 to 65‘000 mPas
GP = 2‘500 to 65‘000 mPas
Number of pumps 1 to 2
Feed capacity** ZP1: 1,5 to 21,9 kg/h, ZP2: 2,9 to 44,1 kg/h,
ZP3: 5,9 to 89,0 kg/h, ZP4: 11,9 to 177,9 kg/h
Operating temperature 20 to 200 °C
Number of heated hoses 2 drilled holes per pump G 3/4"
Supply voltage (EU) - 400/230 V, 3Ø N/PE, 50/60 Hz
- 400 V, 3Ø PE, 50/60 Hz, star point generator
Supply voltage (USA, JP) 200-240 V, 3Ø PE, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 850x760x1300 mm
Weight (1-pump device) 245 kg 280 kg
* The melt rate varies depending on the adhesive type which is processed with the device.
** Data applies for 50 Hz, efficiency = 85 % and density = 1. The feed capacity varies depending on adhesive type
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