RobaCoat IT - The Coating Head for Exceptionally Precise and Uniform Hot Melt Adhesive Coatings

The RobaCoat IT coating head sets new standards in intermittent and continuous coating. Precision and uniformity of the adhesive application are exceptional - whether at constant or dynamic machine speeds. Application patterns can be flexibly designed and precisely reproduced with the RobaCoat IT.

Advantages of the RobaCoat IT Coating Head – At a Glance

  • Uniform coating from start to finish with precise cut-off and edge definition
  • Reproducible coating application at constant and dynamic machine speed
  • Easy positioning relative to the substrate and subsequent precise fine adjustment during ongoing production
  • Flexible adaptation of the application pattern thanks to separate control of individual nozzle segments and mask technology
  • Control via integrated pattern control or directly via PLC
  • Particularly durable and low-maintenance


The RobaCoat IT coating head applies the defined application quantity evenly from start to end. The coating head also achieves a clean cut-off behavior and precise edge definition. These are important quality criteria, for example for:

  • Roll-fed labels or photo books, where particular uniformity and precision is required,
  • Tubular bags, where the adhesive application quantity must not exceed the guideline value for subsequent packaging recycling.

The excellent application quality is also guaranteed at high production speed – whether these are constant or dynamic. The RobaCoat IT is available in five different application widths: 160, 240, 360, 440, or 520 mm.

The coating head series is primarily designed for intermittent coating and covers a wide range of applications:

  • Packaging production: Label stock, paper bags, mailing bags, etc.
  • Graphic industry: Finishing, mailings, photo books, etc.
  • Packaging industry: Tubular bags in the food and non-food sectors
  • Construction supplies: Insulation materials

Reproducibility in Coating Application with Flexible Application Pattern Selection

You can flexibly select the application pattern for your intermittent or continuous coating application with the RobaCoat IT. The individual nozzle segments can be controlled separately via the integrated pattern control or directly via PLC. To create the application pattern across the width, a predefined mask is inserted into the nozzle. The mask is produced according to the desired application pattern. A wide variety of application patterns is thus possible, subject to compliance with technical factors. The mask simplifies the format change, increases reproducibility, and supports a cost-effective gluing process.

Examples of coating application patterns

Possible coating application patterns (subject to technical influencing factors)

Time Savings Thanks to Easy Positioning and Low Maintenance

The coating head offers a unique advantage during installation. RobaCoat IT can be installed independent of the operating direction. The coating nozzle attached to the front of the coating head can be rotated 180°. The optional mounting bracket with scaled adjustment options ensures easy and precise coating head positioning relative to the substrate – even during ongoing production. This enormously simplifies the fine adjustment and saves time, scrap, and thus costs. The CoolTouch insulation reduces heat radiation and thus energy consumption and the risk of burns on contact. Thanks to high wear resistance and an integrated adhesive filter, the RobaCoat IT is particularly durable and low-maintenance.

Coating head can be mounted rotated by 180°

Installation situation independent of operating direction: Nozzle can be rotated 180°


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