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The SpineCoat coating head was specially designed for book spine gluing. A powerful PUR application head for minimum, but reliable and reproducible adhesive application. Thanks to the characteristics of PUR adhesives compared to thermoplastic adhesives, a high binding quality can be achieved with significantly less adhesive and good lay-flat characteristics ensured.

The SpineCoat application systems are used for adhesive binding using PUR for small, medium, and large binding machines. They are closed systems and consist of a PUR melter (RobaPUR 2 MOD, RobaPUR 35 MOD or RobaPUR 40 MOD) and the SpineCoat application unit. A dynamic or circulating system can be selected. The circulating system stands for highest quality and ensures a consistent, uniform adhesive application, even at high speeds. The SpineCoat coating head achieves a thin and uniform coating of 0.3 to 0.5 mm across the entire book block spine. As the complete system is designed for PUR hot melt adhesives, there is no need for cleaning during short production interruptions. The SpineCoat application system is ideally suited for retrofitting existing bookbinding machines. Easily adjustable brackets enable optimum positioning of the SpineCoat application unit towards the book spine. In addition to book spine gluing, Robatech also offers side gluing using the SideBead jetting head.

Advantages of the SpineCoat Coating Head – at a Glance

  • Best lay-flat characteristics and highest binding quality thanks to minimum, but reliable adhesive application
  • Up to 50 % less adhesive consumption compared to EVA systems
  • Up to 16,000 books per hour
  • Maintenance-friendly, as specially closed system for PUR

SpineCoat Solutions for Different Needs

Digital printing Small binding machine Medium binding machine Large binding machine
Output 200 to 2‘000 B/h 2‘000 to 6‘000 B/h 2‘000 to 16‘000 B/h
System RobaPUR 2 MOD, SpineCoat 65 or 80 RobaPUR 35 MOD, SpineCoat 65 or 80 RobaPUR 40 MOD, SpineCoat 80
Application Small print runs Soft cover / book block manufacturing Digital and offset printing sheets Manual feeding of unbound book blocks Small to medium runs Soft cover / book block manufacturing Digital and offset printing sheets Manual and automatic feeding of unbound book blocks, gathering machine, and transfer Small to large runs Soft cover / book block manufacturing Offset and gravure printing sheets Gathering machine and transfer

Technical Data

  SpineCoat 65 SpineCoat 80
Viscosity (Process-dependent) 1 000 – 10 000 mPas
Book block thickness 2 – 65 mm 2 – 80 mm
Book length 100 – 500 mm
Number of books 5,000 books/h Max 16,000 books/h at 24” staple spacing (with return system)
Adhesive application thickness 0.3 to 0.5 mm
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