Adhesive application systems for woodworking and furniture making, such as laminates, flooring, paneling, profiles wrapping, counter tops, self-assembly furniture and displays.

MDF, solid wood and plywood rely on a wide range of modern bonding and filling techniques. The perfect finish can only be achieved by highly accurate metering and uniform adhesive application using precision-engineered coating heads.

With Robatech technology, woodworking suppliers can achieve this level of perfection even in difficult laminating or wrapping processes. We combine unparalleled technical expertise of PUR, EVA, APAO hotmelt bonding processes with a comprehensive product range, including coating heads in different profile shapes for more accurate, even applications. Our FKV coating heads are characterized by a precise, high quality pattern and controlled application of adhesive. We also offer a special Wood Repair System (WRS) for enhancing the finish and value of engineered flooring and solid wood (parquet).

Our safe, easy-to-operate products speed up production during:

  • Panel laminating
  • Edge banding
  • Profile wrapping
  • Wooden structure gluing using 1C PUR
  • Counter top sealing
  • Joint and fabric bonding
  • Direct and post forming

Our systems offer precise, even control of single and multi-bead applications, spray and coating processes.

  • WRS (Robatech Wood Repair System) for enhancing the finish.
  • Purtack system for applying 1C PUR reactive adhesives in structural gluing.
  • Energy efficient, user friendly range of adhesive melters.
  • Precise, even coating and economical adhesive consumption.
  • Wide choice of pumps.
  • Variable coating applicators, up to 2.6 m, for high quality application.
  • Integrated and external pattern controls.
  • User friendly RobaVis touch screen, RobaPar software and InfoPlus diagnostics for advanced reporting.

With Robatech as your partner, you will benefit from a global company that sets the standard for efficiency, reliability and accuracy within adhesive application systems and delivers outstanding customer service.