The Concept Diamond, B and C melters for the application of thermoplastic adhesives are modularly designed with different tank sizes, pumps, and numerous optional components. They can support a variety of applications and can be extended at any time. The melters are available with manual or automatic filling, are energy-optimized and safe in their operation. In addition, the melters of the Concept series can be easily integrated in existing systems and are low-maintenance.

All hot melt adhesive melters of the Concept series are based on the same base module. Concept Diamond, B and C differentiate in the configuration and available additional options. Thanks to this modular design, the melters can be optimally tailored to customer requirements and reduce costs.


  • Modular design for flexibility and reduced costs
  • Selection of 1 to 8 connections for heated hoses and application heads
  • Energy-efficient and safe thanks to CoolTouch insulation
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Easy integration
  • Variety of options, such as pattern control, filling level monitoring, volume control, etc.

Modular design and easy integration

Thanks to the modular design, up to 8 heated hoses and application heads can be connected depending on the system (Concept Diamond, B or C). Piston, Gerotor, and gear pumps are offered. Piston pumps are especially suited for intermittent adhesive application (with interruptions), gear and Gerotor pumps are used for continuous adhesive application and precise metering.

The hot melt adhesive melters are easy to install and access easy to install and access optimized hose routing and a tank lid rotatable by 180° for manual filling. This way, they are suitable for any type of installation. Diverse interfaces and I/O signals are available for integration and communication. Pattern control can be optionally integrated as well.

Robatech Concept series, insulated glue distributor

Insulated adhesive distributor

Efficient in energy consumption and maintenance

All Concept melters are insulated and can save energy due to reduced heat loss. The tank is non-stick coated with FEP (perfluoroethylenepropylene) for ease of cleaning and the individual temperature control prevents adhesive burning. In addition, filters on tank and pump outlet minimize ingress of possible contaminations through the heated hose into the application head, where they could cause nozzle blockage.

Intuitive and safe operation

Operation is based on a language-independent control panel (TRM) or a touchscreen (RobaVis). The user-friendly user interface RobaVis with adjustable main screen and visualized presentation enables intuitive, easy operation. The current operating state is always indicated and saved in an event log. Using the additional InfoPlus software on the touchscreen, consumption and operation data can be collected and analyzed, e.g., for preventive maintenance.

Safe operation is ensured using CoolTouch insulation of the adhesive distributor, which minimizes the risk of burns. For increased operational safety and efficiency, the melters of the Concept series can be optionally automatically filled using a granulate feeder (RobaFeed 3). Continuous filling with a constant adhesive amount is ensured and the risk of burns caused by opening the tank lid prevented.

Robatech Concept series, RobaVis touchscreen for hot-melt melters
Robatech Concept series, RobaFeed 3 granule feeder

Intuitive touchscreen

Automatic filling (RobaFeed 3)

Main features

Concept Diamond

  • Tank sizes: 5, 8, 12, 18, and 30 liters
  • Connections for up to 8 application heads and hoses
  • Configurable with piston, gerotor or gear pump
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen

Concept B

  • Tank sizes: 5, 8, 12, 18, and 30 liters
  • Connections for up to 4 application heads and hoses
  • Configurable with piston or gerotor pump
  • Easy language-independent operation using membrane keyboard (touchscreen optional)

Concept C

  • Tank sizes: 5, 8, and 12
  • Connections for up to 2 application heads and hoses
  • Configurable with piston or gerotor pump
  • Easy language-independent operation using membrane keyboard (touchscreen optional)

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