Adhesive application systems used in building supplies, such as laminates, windows, doors, roofing materials, insulating material.

The construction industry makes use of many bonding and sealing techniques throughout the supply chain, from large scale lamination processes to manual spot applications of hotmelts or sealing materials.

Robatech specializes in applying thermoplastic and reactive hot melt adhesives to wide areas. Variable applicators of up to a width of 2.6 m are available. We offer a comprehensive range of user friendly drum and tank melters, application heads for single and multiple tracks, programmable spraying and coating applicators, application controls and monitoring systems.

Our safe, easy-to-operate products speed up production during:

  • Panel coating
  • Foil coating
  • Profile coating
  • Floor insulation
  • Wooden structure gluing using 1C PUR
  • Transport protection
  • Reverse side coating
  • Roofing components

Our systems offer precise, smooth control of single and multi-bead applications, spray and coating processes.

  • Energy efficient, easy-access range of melters for all adhesives and sealants.
  • Variable coating applicators for high quality pattern, consistent adhesive application within a precise tolerance.
  • Ability to control the overall weight within precise tolerances.
  • Add-ons for manufacturing insulation, materials or foils.
  • Spray and coating applicator heads.  (intermittent and continuous)
  • Wide choice of pumps.
  • Integrated or external pattern control.
  • Easy to operate RobaVis touch screen, RobaPar software and InfoPlus diagnostics for advanced system reporting.

With Robatech as your partner, you will benefit from a global company that sets the standard for reliability, accuracy and efficiency within adhesive application systems and delivers outstanding customer service.