How reliably and precisely products are glued also depends on the heated hose. The fully insulated Performa heated hose keeps the temperature and viscosity of the melted adhesive as constant over the hose’s entire length as a temperature controller keeps the oven temperature. Gluing becomes more reliable, but also less expensive. The state-of-the-art heated hose insulation and the PrimeConnect plug coupling ensure quick operational readiness and outstanding energy efficiency.

Performa Advantages – At a Glance

  • Enables high application quality for high-precision adhesive applications
  • Up to 45 % less energy consumption compared to conventional heated hoses thanks to fully insulated PrimeConnnect plug coupling and high-tech insulation layer
  • PrimeConnect for quick and error-free installation without special tools
  • Quickly ready for operation after production stops due to short heat-up time (8 minutes)
  • Protection against burns: low external hose temperature (54 °C) and CoolToch insulation of the connection points
  • Avoids adhesive degradation and is therefore durable

High-quality Adhesive Application due to Uniform Temperature Distribution

Maintaining a constant adhesive temperature over the entire length of a heated hose is a technical challenge. Performa masters the challenge with high-tech insulation and sophisticated heating conductor winding. The result: no local adhesive overheating during production stops. Reliability and precision in the adhesive application are increased because the adhesive viscosity remains at an optimum level.

The PrimeConnect plug coupling optimally heats and insulates the critical connection points between the hose ends and the adhesive melter or application head. The otherwise common thermal bridges are eliminated. Viscosity remains constant. An important prerequisite for applying adhesive uniformly and consistently to products - even after a production stop.


PrimeConnect – Installing Heated Hoses Quickly and Correctly

PrimeConnect is a plug coupling that allows Performa heating hoses to be connected and removed easily and safely without special tools.

PrimeConnect is a time-saver, especially for applications that require mobile use of adhesive systems or frequent production line retrofits, such as seasonal products.

  • The pressureless heated hose can be freely rotated at the connection. This simplifies access when installing and removing the hose. This is an advantage when several heated hoses are connected to the glue distributor.
  • By pulling out the locking slider, the heated hose can be easily pulled out of the plug-in screw connector.
  • The PrimeConnnect plug coupling replaces the usual screw connection for heated hoses. Leakages at the heated hose due to overtightening of the union nut and the resulting downtimes are now a thing of the past.
  • Little space required and optimum hose routing thanks to different plug-in screw connectors (0°, 45°, and 90°): the perfect connection of Performa to adhesive melter and application head.

Performa Lowers Operating Costs

Performa’s energy-efficient design pays off. Compared to Robatech’s Enduro heated hose, Performa requires 45 % less energy in operation and is ready for operation up to 30 % faster. The waiting time after a production stop is noticeably reduced.

Performa heated hoses remain in use for a long time and prevent unpleasant surprises. The full insulation and uniform temperature distribution ensure that the adhesive does not degrade and the application head remains functional.

CoolTouch – Safety for Operating Personnel

With PrimeConnect, personnel is protected from burns. The connection points are completely covered by heated hose caps with CoolTouch insulation. The external temperature of the heated hose is harmless: it only reaches 54 °C at a set temperature of 200 °C.

Performa – Area of Application

Performa is suitable for low-viscosity thermoplastic adhesives (EVA, PSA, PO) and reactive adhesives (PUR). The smooth hose surface is abrasion-resistant and easy to clean.

Performa is compatible with adhesive melters and application heads built in 2000 and later. The mechanical connection points can be retrofitted gradually. This allows adhesive application systems to be upgraded in terms of performance and safety.

EasyFix Hose Holder



Keeps heated hoses at the minimum distance and organizes them.


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