Adhesive application systems used in printing and graphic processes, such as book binding, paper folding, sample tipping, labeling, finishing and enveloping.

The printing industry demands high-speed, flexible production equipment, fast changeovers and a combination of hot melt and cold glue applications to handle a variety of individualized print and finishing techniques.

Robatech is one of the leading suppliers of high-performance, economical and versatile adhesive dispensing and application systems for print and graphics production. With a close relationship to many of the world's largest OEMs, we have developed systems to handle hot melt and cold glue processes within that industry including:

  • Book binding for soft and hard cover books with PUR or EVA
  • Post press folding processes with coldglue or hotmelt
  • Print processing and gluing pattern samples with repositionable adhesives
  • Envelope production with wet glue, self-adhesive and gumming

The advanced engineering, pinpoint accuracy at incredible speeds, proven reliability and energy-efficient design of Robatech equipment leads to significant savings in adhesives, materials and resources.

  • CartoGlue LP, a mobile coldglue system for paper folding machines. Modular design for integration and expansion.
  • SpineCoat and SideBead system for PUR application in book binding production lines.
  • Energy efficient, easy-access range of adhesive melters.
  • Variable coating applicators with widths of up to 75 mm.
  • Wide choice of pumps.
  • Advanced electronic and pneumatic bead and dot applicators for precise, economical use of adhesive.
  • User friendly RobaVis touch screen, RobaPar software and InfoPlus diagnostics for advanced reporting.

With Robatech as your partner, you will benefit from a global company that sets the standard for efficiency, reliability and accuracy within adhesive and coating application systems and delivers outstanding customer service.