Slow gluing processes that require high flexibility in the adhesive application position are often carried out manually. Gluing in different directions is not possible with a conventional adhesive application system alone. However, manual gluing processes are often associated with high costs and loss of quality. Monotonous yet highly precise routine tasks are demanding on the personnel, especially under time pressure or in the case of fatigue. The solution: 360° Gluing from Robatech in cooperation with Universal Robots. It combines Robatech adhesive application systems via the UR+ Integration Kit with collaborative robots from Universal Robots and automates the manual gluing process.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Increases productivity through absolute reliability
  • Increases adhesive application quality through precise and repeatable execution
  • Reduces error susceptibility and costs
  • Relieves personnel and protects them from injury
  • Straightforward integration through certified Integration Kit
  • Simplified programming and ease of use

UR+ Integration Kit for the Perfect Connection of Universal Robots with Robatech Adhesive Application Systems 

Robatech and Universal Robots are the ideal partners for automating manual gluing processes that require flexible adhesive applications. Robatech's specially developed and certified UR+ Integration Kit perfectly connects the collaborating Universal Robots with Robatech adhesive application systems. The Integration Kit includes a holder for the application head and attachments for the heating hose on the robot arm. With the GlueBot software, the adhesive application process can be easily programmed. Furthermore, the system status of the melter is clearly displayed on the touch pad of the robot. Settings for heated hose, application head, and melter can also be applied easily using the touch pad.

Proven Adhesive Application Systems for Every Adhesive Application 

The proven adhesive application systems from Robatech feature a modular design and consist of the following: Melter or delivery unit, hose, and application head. The optional automatic filling system for melters ensures operator safety and extends the adhesive refill intervals. In addition, rotary unions for heated hoses provide reliable protection against torsion and increase the service life of the hoses. Robatech adhesive application systems are the optimum solution for efficient and high-quality adhesive application.

Collaborative Robots Work Hand in Hand with Humans

Collaborative robots are designed to support and relieve humans in monotonous, repetitive, yet highly precise tasks. Collaborative robots are much slower, smaller, and lighter than standard industrial robots. They do not require any protective devices and are easy to program. Therefore, collaborative robots are more cost-efficient and amortize faster. Even if they do not travel at high speeds, they are still powerful. Thanks to their size and safe application, they work hand in hand with humans. The robots are programmed in such a way that injuries such as trapping, crushing, or ramming of personnel are not possible. The robot stops immediately upon contact. It resumes its work with a simple click on the touch pad. Bulky protective devices are no longer necessary. Collaborative robots work reliably with high precision and repeat accuracy. Thus increases productivity and adhesive application quality.

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Solution for Bead and Dot Application


Adhesive type:
Thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives


Application heads:
AX Diamond
SX Diamond / SX LongLife
SpeedStar Compact


Concept Stream with Robatech Control System


SX/AX UR+ Integration Kit


GlueBot software



Automatic filling for melter with adhesive granulate
Rotary unions for heated hoses

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