Application lengths and application quantities for hotmelt and cold glue applications can be efficiently controlled and managed using the process control functions. The sophisticated operating concept, clear visualization, and an extensive job database offer a high level of operating comfort and facilitate fast format changes.

Pattern control - intuitive and integrated

Pattern control is an integral part of the Robatech Control System and is easy and intuitive to use. Pattern control supports various modes of operation: continuous or intermittent with up to 32 programmable glue lines per channel, dot or line mode, fixed length or automatic length adjustment. In addition, format-specific settings and application patterns can be stored in over 1,000 jobs and retrieved manually or by PLC.


Quantity control - convenient and integrated

Quantity control is available for models with gear pumps. It allows direct input of the desired application quantity in g/m² and the application width in mm, and automatically calculates the pump speed for the very precise and uniform adhesive application. This function dispenses with the complex weight control procedure to determine the application quantity.


Process control advantages - at a glance

  • Simplified application configuration via application mode selection
  • Large selection of standard format templates
  • Extensive database for more than 1,000 jobs
  • Clear arrangement of all application components
  • Preview function facilitates correct data input
  • Direct input of the desired application quantity without weight control
  • Hardware and software from a single source and optimally matched

Two pattern control types

  Integrated into melter Stand-alone device
Production speed Up to 300 m/min Up to 1,250 m/min
Number of application heads 1 to 8 1 to 8 (expandable)
Number of storable application patterns > 1,000 < 90
Automatic length adjustment Yes Yes
Palletizing function Yes Yes
Verification of application position Yes Yes

Suitable functions for process optimization

The scope of functions of the application solutions can be easily extended - whether ex-works, after purchase, or as part of a retrofit. Activation is convenient via software key without installation effort.

For monitoring the adhesive consumption and adhesive application position
For the acquisition and evaluation of system and measurement data


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