System monitoring - an important component in the digitization of the production process. System monitoring provides important consumption and operating data for preventive, corrective, and optimizing process adjustments. Trend analyses and evaluations provide transparency and enable fast error detection in the gluing process.

Storing configuration data centrally

The function allows for the central recording of any number of configuration data for an adhesive application system. Apart from data on adhesive manufacturer and type, pump and air pressure, as well as the distance between application nozzle and product, the article numbers are especially important because they can be used to identify components for a correct spare parts order quickly.

Easily calculating adhesive savings

The adhesive calculator calculates the adhesive and cost savings that can be achieved when the tacking mode is activated. Savings options are thus transparent and understandable.

Reliable gluing with minimal adhesive application

The configuration and analysis function of the AMS Adhesive Measuring System reliably monitors the adhesive application quantity. The application quantity can be reduced to the minimum required for reliable bonding. Safety margins can be eliminated because a faulty adhesive application is quickly detected. The adhesive consumption is reduced.

Visualizing energy efficiency

The energy consumption function records the current heat output of the system, cumulates the values in kW/h per day, month, and year and displays the results graphically and clearly.

Scheduling maintenance intervals quicker

System monitoring supplies data on currently performed operating hours or switching cycles for defined components. Depending on the recorded, recommended service life, the system issues component-specific maintenance messages. The clear graphical representation allows to capture pending preventive measures quickly and avoids unscheduled downtimes.

Suitable functions for process optimization

The scope of functions of the application solutions can be easily extended - whether ex-works, after purchase, or as part of a retrofit. Activation is convenient via software key without installation effort.

For monitoring the adhesive consumption and adhesive application position


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