At the PPMA, you have the chance to meet the Vision melter in the UK for the first time. From September 28 - 30, 2021, we’ll show you our innovations that save resources and thus reduce your operating costs.

News-PPMAIt’s just awesome! There’s the smart Vision melter that not only melts the adhesive gently and with great reliability, but it does so with the industry’s best energy efficiency. And the performance of the Performa heated hose is an excellent match. It reduces energy consumption up to 45% compared to conventional hoses. And to make the system complete, there’s the SpeedStar Compact application head that is not only fast, durable and intelligent, but it saves you up to 40% of adhesive when used for stitching.

Still want more? Connect our adhesive application systems with a collaborative robot from Universal Robots to increase productivity, reliability and quality even more.

Visit Robatech at the PPMA 2021 at stand E60.

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