Robatech at Adhesives & Bonding Expo 2022

From June 28 to 30, 2022, we will show you at Adhesives & Bonding Expo in Novi how you can automate manual adhesive application by integrating cobots into your gluing process.

News-Adhesives-BondingGluing processes that require high flexibility in the adhesive application position are often performed manually. This is because gluing at different angles is not possible with an ordinary adhesive application system alone. However, monotonous yet high-precision routine activities challenge personnel, especially under time pressure or fatigue. 360° Gluing automates manual adhesive application with the help of collaborative robots. This leads to reproducible accuracy, highest quality and a fast return on investment.

At Adhesives & Bonding Expo, you will see how 360° Gluing works. At our booth, we will present an adhesive application system for automated gluing processes with cobots. Come and witness the future of industrial gluing!

Robatech at Adhesives & Bonding Expo, booth no. 822.



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