Process reliability through automated application of single-component PUR adhesives

Automated application of single-component PUR adhesives in the timber construction guarantees structurally sound bonding. This was the decisive argument for Krattiger Holzbau AG in Amriswil, Switzerland, for additionally switching from the manual to the automated gluing process, when they purchased a Weinmann multifunction bridge. Robatech’s PurTack2 fit perfectly into the concept.


The closed application system with multi-nozzles, PurTack2, can be easily integrated into existing multifunction bridges. After converting to fully automated adhesive application, Urs Krattiger, owner and managing director of Krattiger Holzbau AG, sums it up by reporting the enormous relief and reliability in his new manufacturing process: “The amount of glue is now precisely dimensioned, and the same amount can be repeatedly applied and even logged.” A sophisticated system that does not only provide safety and time savings but saves adhesive as well.

More information in the video and report.



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