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Mattress Manufacturing with Automatic and Manual Adhesive Application

The growing and competitive market environment of the mattress industry demands efficient, flexible, and economical manufacturing processes. Robatech is a leading supplier of manual and automatic adhesive application solutions in mattress production. Designed for high speeds, fast format changes, and resource savings, the solutions convince through high-quality bonding.

Quality Mattresses for a Healthy Sleep

On average, humans spend 6 to 8 hours a day sleeping. No wonder, the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the household. Comfort and quality play a big role when choosing the right mattress. Due to increasing demand and growth in the hotel industry, the mattress industry has become a very dynamic and lucrative market. In addition, online commerce and just-in-time production demand efficient, flexible, and cost-effective production processes without having to compromise on quality.

Thanks to successful cooperation with leading machine manufacturers in the mattress industry, Robatech has decades of experience and knows what is important. Whether automatic or manual gluing, bead or spray application, mattresses made of pocket spring, latex or foam cores, we offer suitable solutions.

Automatic Adhesive Application

In a first step, several lines of hot melt adhesive are applied to the foundation of the mattress using a multi-application head. The outer adhesive lines are for the frame gluing to which the side padding is attached. The inner adhesive lines are for the mattress core, which is chosen individually according to the type of mattress, e.g., from pocket spring units. The adhesive lines for the core can be applied in straight or wavy lines. If the adhesive application should be even more widespread, a spray head is used. After attaching the side padding and inserting the core, additional foam and padding layers are glued using spray or bead application. Suitable application heads and systems are available, flexibly matched to customer requirements and machine speeds. Thanks to the optional AMS adhesive measuring system, the adhesive consumption can be optimized and precisely matched to the speed. This can significantly reduce costs and ensure a consistent and repeatable adhesive application.

Manual Adhesive Application

Hot melt hand applicators are used in conjunction with a melter for the manual gluing process. Depending on the requirements and work step, the hand applicators can be provided with nozzles for bead or spray application. To reduce the fatigue of the hand muscles during the adhesive application, the handles are ergonomically adjustable and can be operated without much effort. For an efficient and ergonomically designed workplace, Robatech offers special brackets and swivel system for hand applicators and heated hoses. As a result, several hand applicators can be operated simultaneously from the same hot melt adhesive system.

Advantages at a Glance

Automatic Manufacturing

Optimized adhesive consumption and reduced costs thanks to the AMS adhesive measuring system
Exact repeatability of the application pattern and the adhesive amount even at changing speeds
Range of application heads flexibly matched to your requirements

Manual Manufacturing

Less fatigue of the hand musculature thanks to ergonomically adjustable hand applicators and little effort required for operation
Easier work with hand applicators thanks to special brackets and swivel systems
Use of one melter for several workstations through flexible swivel systems





Multi-Bead Jetting Head

Spray Head SK 202



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