Why Fen-Tech counts on Robatech

Fen-Tech Industries has improved the reliability and sustainability of its machines for producing courier bags for e-commerce with adhesive application systems made by Robatech. Owner Derrick Feener talks about why high-quality adhesive application is so important and what he likes about Robatech.


The application of silicone release liners to courier bags places high demands on the gluing process. Excellent precision and repeatability are essential to ensure that the adhesive is applied in the right amount and at the right spot on the silicone strip. After the adhesive has cooled down, this strip is glued to the courier bag. “Adhesive application is key,” Feener explains. “Because if it is not applied evenly and accurately, the courier bags produced cannot be used and end up as rejects.”

Fen-Tech Industries has been working with Robatech adhesive application systems for three years. Owner Derrick Feener is happy about the good cooperation and praises the quality of the delivered systems. In the video, he reveals what he particularly likes about it.

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