Customer satisfaction in pocket spring assembly

The Chinese manufacturer of pocket spring assembly machines, Lian Rou, has been working with Robatech China since 2005. Thanks to the high switching frequencies and long service life of the Robatech application heads, Lian Rou has been able to improve the efficiency of its machines. As a result, end customers worldwide benefit from high machine speeds and a reliable adhesive application system.



"Robatech enjoys an excellent reputation in the Chinese pocket spring assembly market," explains Rakesh Kumar, Managing Director of Robatech China. "We have found that machine builders improve the efficiency of their pocket spring assembly by installing Robatech adhesive application systems."

In the video, ZhiMing Tan, owner of Lian Rou, and Pu He, Executive Director Assistant & KA Manager, reveal what the machine manufacturer particularly appreciates about Robatech: 

  • Robatech offers a perfect adhesive application solution for the assembly of pocket spring cores of any height and width.
  • The availability of Robatech systems is high.
  • Customer service is fast and professional.
  • Robatech's service network spans more than 80 countries.

The long-term cooperation in industrial adhesive application not only strengthens the partners - machine manufacturers and Robatech - but also increases the efficiency of pocket spring assembly for end users.



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