New AMS adhesive measuring system

With the new AMS adhesive measuring system, Robatech AG ensures greater sustainability and process reliability in the industrial hot melt adhesive application. AMS not only enables cost transparency and reduced adhesive consumption, but also reliably reports errors in the adhesive application.

News-AMSThe new AMS adhesive measuring system from Robatech AG is all about Green Gluing. It supports customers and adhesive manufacturers with data and analyses to optimize adhesive application quantities and brings transparency to the adhesive process. The usual safety margins in the adhesive application can be reduced or entirely omitted without risking a loss of quality in the bonding process.

AMS measures the actual adhesive consumption and compares the data with the stored reference values from the configuration database of the Robatech Control System. If the applied adhesive application quantity deviates from the defined tolerance range, a fast error message is displayed.



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