3 reasons to glue silicone release liners inline to courier bags

Did you know that you can glue silicone release liners and tear strips inline to poly mailer bags? What is already common practice for cardboard boxes can also be applied to film shipping bags using the same technology. More and more manufacturers are becoming enthusiastic and are converting their production. Read this blog post to find out why.

Mailer bags with silicone release linersCourier bags are a popular type of packaging in e-commerce

On paper and cardboard, both the pressure-sensitive adhesive strip as well as the tear strip can be glued directly to the packaging material inline. This is not possible with plastic shipping bags, as the packaging materials are usually not heat-resistant enough. Therefore, the adhesive is applied to the unglued silicone paper strip (or heat-resistant plastic tape), which is then applied to the mailer bag in the production process once the glue has slightly cooled down. These three reasons speak in favor of inline adhesive application: 

  • Costs
  • Efficiency
  • Quality

“Thank you” film mailing bag with silicone release liners


The fact is: tape – meaning pre-glued silicone paper strips – is expensive. The more silicone release liners you produce, the more these costs become an issue. The operating costs for hot melt and unglued silicone paper strips are significantly lower. However, the investment costs for a modern adhesive application system with a silicone paper strip applicator are of course clearly higher than for just a tape applicator. That said, if you have or are aiming for a larger throughput, the investment costs are definitely worth it. After all, e-commerce is a growing market.

Piggy bank on mailer bag with pressure-sensitive adhesive closuresGluing pressure-sensitive adhesive strips inline to poly mailer bags lowers operating costs


Two factors influence the efficiency of film mailer bag production: the machine speed and the number of machine stops. With inline adhesive application, higher production speeds are possible where equipment permits. In addition, the rolls with unglued silicone paper strips are much longer than the pre-glued ones, which reduces the number of roll changes. Format changes are also extremely simple with an adhesive application system: replace the mask in the nozzle of the coating head, enter the new format on the control unit and you’re done!


Silicone release liners applied inline guarantee a secure closure without the need for excess adhesive. This is because the adhesive application system’s quantity control allows the application weight of the adhesive to be flexibly adapted to the requirements of the product. Customers like Fen-Tech in Canada have been using this system successfully for years.

Silicone paper strips applied inline to film shipping bags can be easily peeled offMailer bag with precisely applied silicone release liner

In terms of customer convenience in e-commerce, too, directly glued silicone release liners impress with their outstanding quality. Compared to pre-glued tape, the silicone paper here actually protrudes beyond the adhesive application, making it easy to grip. A decisive advantage for end customers.


Yes, and now you may be thinking about changing your production? But you don’t want to replace the entire system? Then I have good news for you: you don’t need a new plant to benefit from the advantages of direct adhesive application. Provided there is some space available for an adhesive application system and a silicone paper dispenser, any plant can be converted. Our experts will be happy to advise you. 




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