Saving adhesive through precision and efficiency

The hot melt adhesive application system LabelStar M by Robatech optimizes the wrap-around labeling as customization in a Canmatic system by Krones. LabelStar M uses different application heads with dedicated pumps for initial and final gluing. This saves adhesive and reduces maintenance- and cleaning-related downtimes.


Robatech equips Krones’ Canmatic systems with a standard gluing system. However, a custom solution was required for a US customer with special requirements. Glue was to be applied to low-profile cans quickly, precisely and in a resource-saving manner. Robatech’s hot melt adhesive application system LabelStar M was the perfect solution: spiral spray head for initial gluing and labeling head for final gluing. Using two independent pumps on a joint melter, the two heads achieve optimum application result.

Read in a report of the Packaging World magazine, how LabelStar M achieves its precision and efficiency during wrap-around labeling.



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