Robatech invites adhesive manufacturers for expert exchange

Friday, March 10, 2023: A good adhesive is one thing, the right adhesive application system is another. Both have to fit together so that in the end, the bonding holds. For this reason, Robatech invited adhesive manufacturers from Switzerland and Germany to an expert exchange. This is a serious matter. But also a fun one.

Adhesive Manufacturer Day 2023: Welcome at Robatech CH

The serious part first: Around 20 adhesive manufacturers gathered at Robatech's headquarters in Muri. The morning was all about technology. The participants were given an insight into Robatech's various adhesive application systems and discussed them. For example, they were able to experience the new Volta jetting head together with the Performa heated hose and the Vision melter live in action. The demonstration of the Aero spray head with a Cobot from UR was also of great interest.

Adhesive Manufacturer Day 2023: Salesperson explains the different application heads to visitors
After a sociable lunch, most of the participants continued with the fun part: an exciting round of Adventure Golf at Actionworld in Obfelden was on the agenda. 18 crazy courses, spread over three levels, promised fun and adventure. The participants were able to get to know each other from a completely different perspective. So there was plenty of variety.

Adhesive Manufacturer Day 2023: Fun and action at the Adventure Golf in the Actionworld in Obfelden

We would like to thank all guests for their interest and active participation. The next Adhesive Manufacturers' Day will take place in two years' time.



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