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Pallet stabilization

Pallet stabilization with AntiSlip Gluing, a hot melt adhesive application directly onto the packaging units, saves resources and costs. This is different from the conventional method, where intermediate cardboard layers and external plastic foil layers add costs and increase the recycling effort.
A solution that meets today’s high requirements
Goods palletizing has extensive risks and possible problems: Containers and packages must be transported increasingly faster and more efficient. Safety aspects are as essential as the failure rate caused by damage. Environmental aspects and country-specific regulations are becoming more important. With AntiSlip Gluing offered by Robatech, you can meet these challenges automatically.
Robatech Pallet stabilization palletizing
Integration into the production process
The AntiSlip Gluing solution can simply be integrated into the production process or retrofitted. Using a thin hot melt adhesive application in spiral or bead form on the top of the packaging, they become a safe and stable unit during stacking on a pallet. The AntiSlip Gluing solution can be positioned at the exit of the palletizing station, where two lines of hot melt adhesive are applied, or for the case packer, at the entry of the station, where several lanes with tracking units are glued at the same time and in parallel. The palletizing function with box counter, integrated into the Robatech pattern control, ensures that no adhesive is applied to the top layer of goods.
Robatech Pallet stabilization palletizing
Sustainability in pallet stabilization thanks to optimized resources
In general, the amount of adhesive applied is optimized to ensure that the packaging units stick together reliably. Intermediate layers of anti-slip gluing cardboard can largely be omitted. To secure on the pallet, no or just a little foil is required, e.g., as dust protection. On removal of the protective foil, unit stability and goods integrity is ensured thanks to AntiSlip Gluing.
Robatech Pallet stabilization palletizing
Comparison with traditional palletizing
 Process  Traditional Method  AntiSlip Gluing
  • Many layers of foil required for stabilization and dust protection
  • Mostly anti-slip cardboard between the individual layers to increase stability
  •  Little foil (dust protection) required thanks to bonding
  • Anti-slip cardboard can be largely omitted
  • Less packaging material = cost savings / environmentally friendly
Transport / storage  
  • Risk of goods shifting during transport and storage
  • Safe transport and storage as no shifting/slipping possible due to bonding.
  • Safe transport = cost savings
  • On foil removal, individual packaging units may lose their stability or become damaged
  • Lots of foil waste
  • After foil removal, the packaging units are still stable
  • Reduced foil waste = cost savings / environmentally friendly
Advantages of AntiSlip Gluing at a glance
Good integrity and stability during transport and storage
Increasing efficiency through integration into production process and safe operation
Reduced logistics and recycling costs
Adhesive is cost-efficient as well as humidity- and heat-resistant
Simple depalletizing with little waste
No concealing of goods, graphics, or barcodes
Compliance with statutory regulation regarding plastic foils can be ensured
Where is this palletizing solution used?
The system solution is suitable for plastic and paper materials as well as different container and packaging types (cardboard boxes, bags, foil-wrapped packs, multi boxes, etc.).
In the case of new systems, AntiSlip Gluing pallet stabilization can be directly integrated into the system and thus into the host by the machine builder. The solution can also be operated as option or retrofit independently from the host via the Robatech pattern control.
Benefits in real-life applications
Using AntiSlip Gluing, our customers could essentially:
  • Reduce external layers by 30 %
  • Reduce intermediate cardboard layers by up to 75 %
  • Prevent deformations on the pallet during transport
  • Willi Grüninger AG

Concept melter

(5 or 8 liters)

Standard Robatech heated hoses

with a diameter of 8 mm

Application head AX 1 Diamond

for bead application

Application head AX 1 SP Diamond

for curly-shaped application (spiral head)

Integrated pattern control AS IK10 or AS IK40

or directly via the host
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