Does your plant panel support web-based visualization?

Do you want to integrate aggregates into your machine with as little effort as possible and enable your customers to operate them via the plant panel?


In this blog post, you will learn

  • why web-based visualization is becoming more and more important.
  • why the Robatech Control System supports this trend.
  • how you can test whether your plant panel is equipped with an HTML5-capable browser.

Visualization thought traditionally

For the visualization of the user interface of a Robatech adhesive application system on the plant panel, you had two options so far:

  • Programming the user interface via open interfaces using our software modules.

  • Installation of the visualization software on the host (RobaVis Host) or a PC (RobaVis PC).

The desired result in both cases: Users can operate and monitor the gluing process via the HMI on the overall system.

Robatech Control System without visualization software

The Robatech Control System (RCS) now eliminates the second option, software installation. The new control platform for melters relies on browser-based visualization with a plug-and-play communication interface via Ethernet. To start the user interface of the adhesive application system, an HTML5-capable browser must be available on your panel.

What are the advantages of web-based visualization?


Web technologies are the current trend. More and more users want to experience the same operating convenience on the system as they do on their smartphone. This includes a touch panel and calling up the user interface from any device in the company or externally via the Internet.

Web technologies allow innovative operating concepts to be implemented across platforms, regardless of freely available or proprietary operating systems. For example, remote diagnostics or real-time monitoring can be performed for better planning of preventive maintenance measures.

The new RCS control platform, which is integrated in the Vision melter, takes this technology trend into account. As an OEM, you can use the web-based visualization to configure and start Vision from the comfort of your PC. Your machine network doesn't even have to be running to do this. As a prerequisite, you must work on a device with an HTML5-capable browser installed.

Do machine builders need web-based visualization?

Of course, only you can answer these questions from your OEM perspective, taking customer requirements into account. As a Key Account Manager for machine builders, I am aware that every hardware or software-related change in plant engineering first costs time and money.

However, smartphones and cross-platform technologies should no longer be ignored in the wake of Industry 4.0 and a demand for new operating standards. For this reason, Robatech’s next-generation melters will be equipped with web-based visualization in the future. But you can be sure that the RCS control platform will be the new constant in Robatech’s adhesive application technology.

How to test if your browser is HTML5-ready

Are you interested in a vision melter, but not sure if the web-based visualization will run on your plant panel? You can easily test this. Open your panel’s browser and click on the following link:

Has your browser reached the score value 300 or more?
Then you can connect the Vision melter to your control system via a LAN cable and call up the user interface of the adhesive application system via your browser.


Is the score value below 300 points?

The good news: You do not have to do without the Vision melter. However, you need a touch panel to operate the device. You have the following alternatives:

  • You can configure the gluing process via the optional touch panel on the melter.

  • Or remotely via a mobile device.

  • Of course, you can also program your own user interface via the open interfaces.

Web-based visualization significantly increases the operability, reliability, and safety of systems. Robatech has already started working with RCS. What about you? Are you still hesitating?



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