New: The e-commerce coating head

Narrow, fast, and high-precision: This is Vivo 18. For the first time, it allows unglued tear strips to be applied to cardboard packaging by direct adhesive application and silicone release strips to be produced cost-effectively.

Vivo 18 coating head with mounting bracket

With a width of 32 mm, the Vivo 18 is the narrowest coating head on the market. This allows you to mount two heads side by side to save space. You can apply the adhesive for two silicone release liners at a minimum spacing of 8 mm - one tear strip fits just in between. However, you can also apply the adhesive for one silicone release liner and one tear strip in parallel.

The Vivo 18 achieves uniform adhesive application from start to finish - even at speeds of up to 250 m/min. The optimized adhesive distribution in the nozzle contributes to this. The negative-closing jetting element and the ability to finely adjust the nozzle alignment to the substrate via the mounting bracket ensure a clean cut-off. Easily exchangeable masks limit the application width in the nozzle. Different widths between 2 and 18 mm can thus be applied using the same application head.

Robatech presented the Vivo 18 coating head for the first time at the virtual E-Commerce Solutions Showcase from March 15-17, 2022. For the production of silicone release liners and tear strips, Vivo 18 is simply the coating head to choose.



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