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Adhesive Application Systems for Mattress Production

Robatech is the leading supplier of adhesive application systems in mattress production. Whether in automatic or manual adhesive application for the gluing of mattress components or precision gluing of pocket spring units - we offer modular application systems adapted to your manufacturing processes.
Mattress Production
Glue your mattresses and pocket spring units the way you like it

Would you like to glue your mattresses automatically?

With Robatech’s multi-application heads, you apply several lines of hot melt to the foundation of a mattress at once. This allows you to glue the side padding or the mattress core without loss of time. A wide range of application heads is available for spray and bead application for gluing foam and padding layers.

Our application solutions apply hot melt adhesive precisely. Application patterns can be easily programmed, and a format change is quick. This means you are ideally equipped for just-in-time mattress production.

Is the manual adhesive application station your favorite?

Manual spray or bead application is usually the first choice when gluing individual mattress components. Our ergonomic hot melt hand applicators are particularly suited, as they make handling easy and prevent early fatigue. The hand applicators can be equipped with a nozzle for spray or bead application, depending on your requirements.

Is the production of pocket spring units part of your business?

We use adhesive-saving intermittent hot melt application for gluing pocket spring units. Our application heads can be easily and quickly adapted to different production speeds and pocket spring unit formats, for example, by switching individual nozzles on and off or flexibly setting different application angles. Adhesive application is precise and repeatable.

Manufacturing Mattresses with Adhesive Application Solutions

Pocket Spring Unit Manufacturing

Pocket Spring Unit Manufacturing

Flexible adjustable adhesive application according to production speed and spring core format
Mattress Manufacturing

Mattress Manufacturing

Automatic and manual adhesive application for high-quality glued mattresses
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