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The EasyFix hose mounts extend the life of heated hoses

EasyFix hose mounts maximize the life span of hot melt hoses and therefore reduce downtime. This easy way of hose routing keeps the cables and tubes off the floor, which prevents them from squeezing and crushing.

EasyFix is available in two different sizes to achieve an optimal fixing of our most common heated hoses NW 6, 8 and 13. The hose mounts can be installed with a standard screw M6 or a hanger. With a linking part you can bundle two or more hoses and make sure they are separated well to prevent overheating.

EasyFix advantages – at a glance
  • Increases life span of hoses and reduces parts costs – no squeezing, no crushing
  • Prevents overheating of bundled hoses and minimizes charring and nozzle blockages
  • Consistent hose temperature for high quality adhesive application
  • Increased uptime due to less system interruptions
  • Additional routing for solenoid cable and pneumatic tube
  • Increases operational safety
  • Thanks to the flexible design applicable for practically every application and environment
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