Employee checks the precision of the folded cardboard after using the PerfectFold liquid creaser Employee checks the precision of the folded cardboard after using the PerfectFold liquid creaser

The revolution in folding corrugated cardboard

The PerfectFold liquid creaser enables precise and quick folding of corrugated cardboard without fold breakage. This is world-class folding.

PerfectFold for high-quality corrugated cardboard

Precise internal and external dimensions are a must for high-quality corrugated cardboard. With its precision folding without fold breakage, PerfectFold meets all the requirements of demanding customers.  

The secret? Creases with liquid.

PerfectFold applies SpeedUp creasing fluid to fold lines without contact. And it always applies the correct quantity, no matter how slow or fast your production line is. The corrugated cardboard can then be folded precisely along these fold lines. The creasing fluid doesn’t leave any traces. 

The soft fold lines reduce the stiffness and restoring force of corrugated cardboard, reducing the effort required to set up tools and speeding up the process.

PerfectFold applies creasing liquid to a piece of corrugated cardboard

Precise means environmentally friendly

Gaps and fishtailing spell the end for sophisticated corrugated cardboard boxes as inserts require precise internal and external dimensions. PerfectFold is a game-changer for reducing scrap. 

The image on the left shows folded corrugated cardboard boxes with the problem of gaps and fishtailing. The image on the right shows boxes without the problem. They were creased with the PerfectFold liquid creaser.

Premiere at CCE 2023

PerfectFold made its debut for the corrugated cardboard and folding box experts in Munich from 14–16 March 2023. And the system made its mark!
“PerfectFold is revolutionary. You really have to see it.”

“It’s unbelievable! Folding is so fast and perfect with the SpeedUp creasing fluid.”  

“Amazing! The liquid application really doesn’t leave any traces on the folded cardboard.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it before. Unbelievable!”

A visitor to CCE 2023 in Munich holds some folded corrugated cardboard that has been creased with the PerfectFold liquid creaser.

How does PerfectFold work?

Here you can find the technical description

Interested in precisely folded edges without fold breakage?  

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