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How can energy and hot melt adhesive be saved in the gluing process? For which applications can the new EasyLine be used profitably? 

We are delighted that you and hundreds of trade fair visitors were interested in the answers to these questions. It's that new perspectives in adhesive application open up new opportunities for your business. 

Two trade fair highlights to catch up

For applying adhesive in a sustainable and safe way, you don’t need much, just the right thing.

GreenSaver: your potential savings become visible

Do you know which targeted measures you can use to save some amount of adhesive, energy and compressed air in the gluing process? The eight-point inspection report shows you exactly that and more – in detail and systematically. Discover GreenSaver, the new service from Robatech.


Easy gluing with the new EasyLine

Are you looking for a small, practical adhesive application system that allows you to glue trays, folding boxes, cardboard cups, or ice cream paper cones energy efficiently and without effort? EasyLine offers simple adhesive application with a melting capacity of up to 2.5 kg/h. You can take another look at the preview of EasyLine here. EasyLine will be available at the end of 2023. 


Interpack 2023 trade fair review

What was going on at the trade fair booth? The highlights summarized for you in living color.

Vlog 1: Welcome to the greenest booth

Vlog 2: Unveiling the innovations

Vlog 3: Introducing Rolf Graeser the new industry manager

Vlog 4: Robatech's partners

Vlog 5: Saying goodbye