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AX 1 SP NV Diamond – for precise and consistent adhesive application

The sturdy spiral spray heads of the AX Diamond series are ideally suited for non-contact application of low- to medium-viscosity thermoplastic hot melt adhesives. They are characterized by precise and consistent adhesive application and are operationally safe and energy-efficient thanks to heat-resistant CoolTouch insulation.

The insulated spray heads are specially developed for spiral application. Application width and quantity of the adhesive can be adjusted easily and quickly. The robust hot melt adhesive application heads are suited for applications, such as pallet stabilization with anti-slip gluing or for anti-scratch applications when transporting tiles and ceramic plates. However, they are also used in other areas.

Advantages of the AX 1 SP NV Diamond spray head – at a glance
  • Precise and consistent application pattern
  • Easy adjustment of application width and quantity using fine adjustment
  • Energy-efficient and safe thanks to CoolTouch insulation
  • Constant temperature for highest adhesive quality
  • Easy integration
  • No nozzle blockages thanks to integrated filter
Precise and consistent application pattern with increased operational safety

The hot melt adhesive application head AX 1 SP NV Diamond applies precise and consistent adhesive spirals with a width of 10 - 25 mm and achieves a stabile application pattern. The easy fine adjustment allows precise matching of adhesive application width and quantity to the respective application. Thanks to the filter integrated in the heating block, nozzle blockage is prevented. The sturdy design makes the spiral spray head very resilient, especially under harsh conditions.

With CoolTouch insulation, the Diamond series increases operational safety. The spray head insulation protects operators from burns. In addition, the heat-resistant insulation reduces energy consumption and ensures a constant adhesive temperature for highest adhesive quality. As part of the Diamond series, the AX 1 SP NV Diamond is compatible with most Robatech application systems, including the previous spray head model AX 100 SP. This simplifies integration into existing machines.

Fine adjustment
Technical data
Temperature range 20 to 200 °C
Adhesive pressure Max. 100 bar
Adhesive Thermoplastic adhesives
Adhesive viscosity Up to 10,000 mPas (sprayable)
Operating cycles 10 million*
Nozzles Needle valve (NV) curl ø 0.4 and 0.7 mm
Application width Spirals from 10 to 25 mm
Air connection, control air 5 to 6 bar, unoiled, cleaned acc. to ISO 8573-1 Class 4
Air consumption ca. 6 ml pro Spritzelement / Zyklus (5 bar)
Supply voltage 230 VAC (EN60204), 50/60 Hz
Supply voltage, solenoid valve 24 VDC / 7.3 W
Attachment For shaft ø 12mm, flat steel or M5 thread
Noise level ca. 65 bis 70 dB(A)
Degree of protection IP55
*For jetting element and valve. Depending on operating environment and conditions (adhesive, temperature, frequency, etc.)
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