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Delta - Adhesive Application with Precision and Repeatability in Robot Systems

With its angled design, the Delta adhesive application head is specially designed for applications in robot systems. The angled shape of the heating part allows for precise and repeatable adhesive application close to the product and in all directions. Delta features protection against accidental contact with CoolTouch insulation and is easy to maintain.

Advantages of the Delta Application Head – At a Glance

  • Flexible adhesive application in all directions thanks to angled design
  • Precise, repeatable curl application thanks to external air heater
  • Precise dot and bead application with proven AX Diamond jetting element
  • Straightforward integration
  • Easy to maintain thanks to straightforward nozzle replacement and optional adhesive filter
  • Operator protection with CoolTouch insulation

Robot Applications with Adhesive Application Head for Spray Application or Dot and Bead Application

Delta is available in two variants - as spray head for curl and spray application or jetting head for dot and bead application. Both thermoplastic and reactive hot melt adhesives can be applied. This makes Delta suitable for a wide range of robot applications with an adhesive application, such as in the automotive industry.
Delta - Jetting Head
Delta - Spray Head

Adhesive Spray Application for Robot Applications with Precise and Repeatable Curls

The spray head variant features an external air heater. Thus, the spray air temperature can be controlled independently of the adhesive temperature. Thanks to this precise tuning, a repeatable curl application with an excellent edge definition is achieved. Spray air and air pressure are switched and controlled independently of the adhesive using a separate solenoid valve and pressure gauge. This allows easy fine-tuning for precise curl and spray application patterns with clean application start and end. The spray application width is 6 to 25 mm.
Delta spray head with external air heater
Delta spray head with external air heater
Precise and repeatable curl application
Precise and repeatable curl application

Precise Adhesive Application in Corners and Edges

The proven AX Diamond jetting element, which ensures precise dot and bead application, is used for the jetting head variant. A short or long nozzle can be selected depending on the application. The long nozzle is particularly suitable for products where the adhesive is applied in corners and edges.
Delta jetting head with long nozzle
Delta jetting head with long nozzle
Precise bead application
Precise bead application

Straightforward Adhesive Application Head Integration into Robot Systems

Robatech offers a special integration kit for the straightforward integration with collaborative robots, so-called cobots. The application head can be controlled directly via PLC thanks to a standard 24 VDC interface. Delta is easy to maintain. The nozzle can be easily unscrewed for cleaning or replacement. The optional adhesive filter in the heating block reduces nozzle clogging and thus downtime. CoolTouch insulation protects operators from burns in the event of accidental contact.
Technical Data
Jetting Head Spray Head
Temperature range 20 to 200 °C 
Adhesive pressure Max. 100 bar 
Adhesive Thermoplastic adhesives Thermoplastic and reactive adhesives
Adhesive viscosity 500 to 5000 mPas 
Switching frequency 50 Hz* 
Adhesive discharge 12.5 ms* 
Operating cycles 10 million*
Jetting/spray element AX Diamond 296 AX Diamond S
Nozzles 296 or 295  Spray nozzle S
Supply voltage 200 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Control signal 24 VDC / 7.3 W
Attachment M6 mounting thread
Sound pressure level 60 to 70 dB(A)
Installation dimensions (LxWxH) 137x36x203.5 mm 128.5x74x244 mm
Integration kit Compatible with Universal Robots (UR 5, 10, 16) and Fanuc (CRX Cobot)

* Depending on adhesive, viscosity, temperature, frequency, and pressure

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