Pumps for dispersion adhesives

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02 CXMP-Double-Diaphragm-Pump
03 CXMPS-Double-Diaphragm-Pump
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Robatech offers a perfectly adapted program for our modular pumps.

Depending on the type of application, adhesive piston, precision gear, gerotor or extruder pumps can be used. For water based adhesives, Pressure tanks, piston pumps and diaphragm pumps are available.


Cold Glue Feeding Unit CXU 110 GRU for highest Quality Demands and Ease of Maintenance

Robatech’s cold glue feeding unit CXU 110 GRU is designed for pumping of low-viscosity to medium-viscosity dispersion adhesives without solvent content up to 12,500 mPas. Fast switching times and a material pressure regulator ensure precise and consistent adhesive application. The modular, but compact design enables flexible use and simple, but efficient maintenance.

The pneumatically actuated, double-acting cold glue piston pump CXPP 110 is the core of the cold glue feeding unit CXU 110 GRU. This pump is a further development of high-pressure piston pump CXT 210, which has been in use for years. Feeding unit CXU 110 GRU is designed for fast applications and can deliver up to 110 l/h depending on the adhesives. Another highlight is the compact and modular design, which can be adjusted flexibly to the application. Among others, it is well suited for the use in the graphical and packaging material industry. Designed as wall-mounted pump, the feeding unit is mounted directly to the machine or a wall using a bracket.

Advantages of the CXU 110 GRU – at a glance

  • Flexible use due to compact and modular design
  • Fast switching times thanks to quick reaeration
  • Very small pulsation due to glue regulator unit
  • Integrated pneumatics unit
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Filter change without special tools
  • Durable sealing packages

Highest quality thanks to precise and uniform adhesive application

The specially developed quick vent valve ensures a fast switch-over of the piston. Together with the glue regulator unit, a stable output pressure with minimum pulsation is guaranteed. In combination with the UP converter, precise and consistent adhesive application is ensured regardless of the production speed. The material pressure converter and the UP converter are mounted directly to the filter. This compact and well-arranged design ensures good component accessibility at all times. Furthermore, the matching pneumatics unit is already integrated and must not be ordered separately.

Simple and efficient maintenance

A large flat filter at the adhesive outlet prevents blockages and system interruptions caused by dirt particles in hoses and application heads. This flat filter as well as the dust-protected sealing agent container with drain screw are easily accessible and can be serviced quickly and efficiently. In addition, no special tools are required for changing the filter. Based on the experience with dispersion adhesives, all adhesive-carrying components are made from stainless steel and the pump is equipped with durable sealing packages. This extends the device service life and prevents costly downtime.


Delivery unit CXU 110 GRU is particularly suited for fast applications. Among others, it is used in the graphical as well as packaging material industry. These are applications such as folding cartons, envelopes, paper bags, etc.

CXT Piston Pump

Robatech piston pumps are durable and sturdy. They are preferably used in intermittent adhesive patterns. Different gear translation variants cover a variety of requirements for adhesive pressure and volume.

The contactless, electronic pulsation results in a reversal adhesive application, while the pressure decrease is reduced to a minimum.

  • Available as a complete appliance mounted in a 20L tank
  • Double filters (coarse and fine) prevent foreign particles from entering applicators
  • Fast, easy maintenance: applicators can be individually flushed without cleaning the entire system
  • Speed controller maintains quality and volume of adhesive
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Easy to mount or dismount
  • Suitable for processing of liquid adhesives and other water-based liquids with low and medium viscosity
CXMP Double Diaphragm Pump

The CXMP double diaphragm pump is for large volume pumping of cold glues and other water-based low and medium viscosity liquids.

  • Suitable for low and medium glue viscosity
  • Pump capacity up to 1 800 kg/h
  • Suitable for pumping adhesive containing Latex
CXMPS Double Diaphragm Pump

The CXMPS double diaphragm pump is for medium volume pumping of cold glues and other water-based low and medium viscosity liquids.

  • Suitable for low and medium glue viscosities
  • Pump capacity up to 1 200 kg
  • Suitable for pumping adhesive containing Latex
Pressure Tank DT 10

These pressure tanks are used for processing cold glue adhesives of low viscosity.

This cost-effective delivery method can meet the production needs of a number of applications. Pressure tanks are often used in the converting and graphics industry, e.g. box folding machines

  • A large-surface fine filter stops dirt particles from blocking the applicator heads
  • Tank capacity: 10L
  • Mini pressure tank available. Capacity: 0.75L
  • Adjustable working pressure from 1 to 6 bar
  • Easy to clean

About Robatech

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