With the new AMS adhesive measuring system, Robatech AG ensures greater sustainability and process reliability in the industrial hot melt adhesive application. AMS not only enables cost transparency and reduced adhesive consumption, but also reliably reports errors in the adhesive application.
With just one platform - the Robatech Control System - you control and monitor all functionalities of the adhesive application process easily and centrally. The compact system facilitates the integration with host machines and offers a variety of communication options.
Avoid plastic, palletize fully automatically and without unscheduled downtime, and be sure that the palletized goods can be transported safely. These are precisely the criteria that have prompted Swiss animal feed manufacturer UFA AG to re-equip their new bagging system with the reliable AntiSlip Gluing pallet stabilization solution.
Continuous hot-melt adhesive bead application allows high production speeds and achieves precise and uniform gluing. Ruizhi Packing Co., Ltd. in China also recognizes these benefits. The company converted its machines for the production of window bags from a roller system to a Robatech hot melt system.