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Packaging Industry

Adhesive application systems for labeling, wrapping, and case-packaging processes.
The constant, high-volume production requires highly accurate adhesive application systems. From the smallest sweet wrapper to the largest end-of-line containers, every label and flap must remain firmly stuck throughout the journey to the consumer.

Robatech is one of the leading global suppliers to the packaging industry. Our innovative engineering technology, such as the SpeedStar Diamond jetting head, is designed to handle speeds of up to 800 dots per seconds 250 Million cycles. Our Concept GreenLine melters and application heads lead the industry for energy efficiency, using sophisticated insulation techniques to consume less power.

We offer the perfect solution for all primary and secondary packaging processes including:

The advanced engineering, pinpoint accuracy at incredible speeds, proven reliability and energy-efficient design of Robatech equipment leads to significant savings in adhesives, materials and resources.

  • Energy efficient and easy-access range of melters and jetting heads for hot melt adhesives.
  • Wide choice of gear and piston pumps.
  • Advanced electronic and pneumatic bead and dot jetting heads for precise, economical use of adhesive.
  • Integrated and external pattern controls for more precise applications and fine tuning.
  • Easy to operate RobaVis touch screen, including InfoPlus diagnostic software for advanced reporting.

With Robatech as your partner, you will benefit from a global company that sets the standard for efficiency, reliability and accuracy within adhesive application systems and delivers outstanding customer service.

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