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Adhesive Application Systems for the Converting Industry

Do you integrate adhesive application systems into your packaging systems or folding box gluers? Do you produce packaging materials and want to use automated hot melt or cold glue applications for them? Robatech offers you a wide range of sustainable and reliable adhesive application systems that can be easily integrated into complete systems and significantly increase the efficiency of your manufacturing processes.
Adhesive Application Systems for the Converting Industry

Take Advantage of Our Flexibility for Efficient Packaging Production

Packaging materials are as diverse as materials, shapes, and manufacturing processes. The same applies to the adhesive application. Different thermoplastic adhesives or dispersion adhesives are used to glue packaging blanks or apply self-adhesive surfaces.

Depending on the manufacturing process, our systems apply adhesive to paper, cardboard, paperboard, or other packaging materials as coating, in dots or in short, long, or continuous beads - without contact or in contact with the packaging material. However, always only as much adhesive as necessary. The adhesive is applied to the substrate horizontally, vertically, from above or below - whatever is ideal for your process.

With Robatech’s adhesive application systems, you can design your process. Because our systems are versatile and modular.

  • You choose the adhesive melters, heated hoses, application heads, and nozzles from our modular kit to produce your packaging materials energy-efficiently and with little adhesive but reliable adhesion.

  • You can then easily integrate your desired application system into tray erectors, folding box gluers, or packaging systems via open interfaces or standardized Fieldbus protocols.

Producing Packaging Materials using Adhesive Application Solutions

Silicone release liners and Tear strips

Silicone release liners Tear strips

For shipping packaging in online trade and envelopes.
Folding boxes

Folding boxes

Gluing with hot melt or cold glue
Quality assurance systems

Window bags

Window bags

Clean gluing of paper and window.


Safe and fast gluing.
Straightforward system integration into tray erectors.
Self-adhesive document pouches

Self-adhesive document pouches

For goods shipment and online trade
Producing Packaging Materials with Cold Glue and Ensuring Product Quality

With the adhesive application and quality assurance systems of our partner W.H. Leary Co. Inc., you can produce packaging materials with dispersion adhesives, also in combination with hot melt adhesive. Robatech’s fast-closing application heads Sempre 6 and Sempre 15/30 guarantee high production throughput for dot and bead applications. Various modules are available for the quality assurance of your packaging materials. You choose your standard and thus increase your product quality.

Cold Glue Application Solutions in Cooperation with Leary

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